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I Have a Long Philtrum. Would a Lip Lift Help?

Hi, I've always had very thin lips and a pronounced space between my nose and lips. I was wondering if a bullhorn lip lift would help or if it... READ MORE

Injections Above Upper Lip (Philtrum)

I went to a plastic surgeon because my upper lip is very thin! He told me my case is difficult for various reasons and that my philtrum is a bit long... READ MORE

Too Much Space Between Upper Lip and Nose. What Are my Options? (photo)

Left is ideal, right is me. Left picture has more even volume on around the mouth area. I also have a different chin? Should it be shortened or moved... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shorten the Philtrum?

Is it possible to shorten long mid face in the region between mouth and nose? Nose to Cupid's Bow = 15mm, I'm looking for a 5mm lift in my... READ MORE

Can Lip Lift Correct Crooked Philtrum and Asymmetrical Lips?

Can a corner lip lift or just a general lip lift correct a crooked philtrum, and horizontally and vertically asymmetrical lips? READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Lip Lift?

I've had a long philtrum since I can remember (I'm 31 now). My lips are also very thin & oddly shaped. The middle of my top lip comes down... READ MORE

There is Much Distance Between my Nose and Mouth. How Can It Be Fixed? (photo)

Im a man. I have thick lips and I have a lot of skin between my nose and mouth. I wonder if you can lift the whole mouth, not just the part of the... READ MORE

Is my philtrum too long? Am I a candidate for Bullhorn Lift? (photo)

Dear Sirs, I am quite unsatisfied with the length of my philtrum. It gives a disharmony to my face and it does not fit into my face. I must admit that... READ MORE

Advice on Long Philtrum and Hollow Cheeks

I have a few brief questions about improving my appearance, thank you for your response :) 1. am I a good candidate for a lip lift? photos attached 2.... READ MORE

Can Cosmetic Lip Surgery Reduce a Very Wide Philtrum and Cupid's Bow?

My philtrum is slightly narrower than my columella at the top, but at my cupid's bow, widens to a point parallel to the lateral inside edges of my... READ MORE

I Want Sub-nasal Lip Lift to Show Teeth + Small Philtrum, How Should I Go About This?

Hi. I want to get a sub-nasal lip lift because my upper teeth don't show at all in general and barely show when I smile, however I have a... READ MORE

How Realistic is It to Shorten Philtrum, Decrease Width of Columella, and Expect Good, Natural Results? (photo)

Had a 1st rhinoplasty/septoplasty in 2005 and LeFort I osteotomy in 2012. My upper lip became less visible and pronounced/uneven nasolabial folds.... READ MORE

My philtrum is too long. Is the subnasal lip lift the ideal procedure? (Photo)

1. How long does it take for swelling from a subnasal lip lift to subside? 2. Is it possible to get sutures that dissolve into the skin as opposed to... READ MORE

Would lip eversion help my upper lip? (photo)

I haven't very ugly lips, but I think the upper is too small if compared to the lower, and I also think my philtrum is too long. sometimes my lips... READ MORE

Many Conflicting Opinions on Upper Lip Lift Surgery? (photo)

Hi, I'm interested in reducing the space between my nose and upper lip, which now measures 1.7mm. I have no "tooth show" when my mouth is relaxed (see... READ MORE

My teeth don't show when talking and barely show when I smile. Is lip lift a good solution?

I dont have thin upper lip and my philtrum is not that long but i wonder why my teeth dont show when i talk and it hardly show when i smile. Is... READ MORE

How do you measure the philtrum, and how do you decide whether a lip lift is right for you?

I think I have a long upper lip, but (a) I'm not sure if I'm measuring correctly, (b) my lips seem to be in OK proportion to each other now, and (c)... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Set Back the Philtrum Where It Connects to my Nose?

It almost seems to form a point in the front and is very thick at the top where it attaches to my nose. It's not wide when looking directly at it, it... READ MORE

I Have A Large Philtrum. What Would Be The Best Procedure For Me?

I'm 20 years old and I have always had what seems to be a very thick and large protruding philtrum and lips that seem to curl under. I was... READ MORE

Lip Lift Nightmare - What Are My Options?

It is now 4 and a half weeks post op and am so depressed. If i had a time machine i would go back in time and not have it done. My lip looks like a... READ MORE

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