Lip Implants Videos

Injectable Fillers: Important Concepts and Treatment Information

Learn about fillers and the injectable process with Dr. Jordan Rihani. VIEW NOW

How to Rejuvenate the Lips and Lip Lines

Karen Whitney, PA talks about the best treatment for rejuvenating the Lips and Lip Lines. VIEW NOW

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Lip Plumping Non-Surgical and Surgical Options

Dr. Marc Pacifico shares several option to enhance your lips, improve their shape, and add volume. VIEW NOW

Is Lip Augmentation Reversible?

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani discusses the factors that go into the possibility of reversing results from a previous lip enhancement, which is a procedure that adds volume to lips either by permanent lip implants or injectable lip fillers. VIEW NOW

Lip Filler Results Compared to Lip Implants

Dr. Camille Cash outlines the two most popular lip enhancement procedures and the pros and cons for each. VIEW NOW

PermaLip 101: Learn About Lip Implants (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen discusses what Permalip is and how it's performed under anesthesia. This video contains actual operating room footage. VIEW NOW

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PermaLip: A Permanent Lip Enhancement Solution (GRAPHIC)

Dr. J. Timothy Katzen explains what Permalip is and does a live demonstration in his office. VIEW NOW


What is the Ideal Lip Size?

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin describes the ideal lip size and shape. He also shares the procedures available to create the perfect lips. VIEW NOW

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Everything You Need to Know About Lip Enhancement

Dr. Robert Sheffield discusses the importance of understanding facial aesthetics. He discourages the use of lip implants for lip augmentation. The most common method of lip enhancement today involves the use of of fillers as well as fat injections. VIEW NOW

Lip Implants: See the Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Dr. P. Daniel Ward shares this quick video on how lip implants are placed. VIEW NOW

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Facial Implants: The Doctor Debunks These Myths

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian discusses facial silicone implants, live from Vegas at VCS 2016.Dr. Vartan Mardirossian VIEW NOW

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A Facial Makeover With Nose Job and Lip Implant Balance This Woman's Face

Dr. Michael Elam explains this woman's procedures which include a nose job and implant in the lip area to balance her face. VIEW NOW

47 Seconds About PermaLip: Learn About This Implant Option

Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani explains this permanent lip augmentation option. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Explains Gender Transformation Procedures for the Face and Body

Dr. Greg Chernoff explains his experience and the various procedures for those seeking male-to-female and female-to-male transformations. VIEW NOW

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Watch 59 Seconds of Lip Implant Before & After Photos

Dr. James M. Pearson shares before and after photos featuring a four millimeter implant. VIEW NOW

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