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47 Y.o. in Need of Lip Volume - Hermosa Beach, CA

I am seriously contemplating having 5 mm Permalip implants upper and lower. I met with Dr. Pearson of Hermosa Beach and he said I am a good candidate. I even like the "trout pout"; I feel it would balance my big nose. What do you guys think? I am a bit nervous about a permanent procedure on... READ MORE

Spend your money somewhere that cares about YOU, not your wallet

From my experience, the staff is not concerned with your results or well-being after they have the money in hand. I got lip implants because I was self conscious. However, now, after the fact, I have more self-esteem issues than ever. The lip implant popped out of my skin. I am still traumatized... READ MORE

3 Days Post!! - McLean, VA

After going back& forth, I finally bit the bullet and got the permalip implants. I've had fillers many times , of 1cc mostly in upper lip. I went with the 5mm in top and 4 on bottom. My swelling is pretty bad at the moment. With some slight bruising on the L side. The pain after the... READ MORE

Getting 4mm Permalip - Austin, TX

I have been getting Juvederm in my lips for almost 2 years now and I am sick of messing with it so I have decided to get Permalip. I have recently moved to a new city and went to a different injector. She did such a bad job that it was really the push I needed to do the surgery. My normal... READ MORE

28 Year Old Male PermaLip (5mm) in Los Angeles

I've never had lip fillers before for two reasons... 1. As a guy I was always afraid of having a "done look", it's not attractive on women but even less so on men in my opinion. 2. I couldn't justify the expense and discomfort of having to get fillers a few times a year. When I heard about... READ MORE

Perma Lip 5mm Top and 4mm Bottom

I decided to do lip implants while I was under general anesthesia for my 2nd breast augmentation. I made the decision on Friday the 24th before Monday the 27th surgery. There was some concern on getting the Perma Lip in on time. Dr. Kirbo was willing to have them sent overnight to his... READ MORE

Going in for Surgisil PermaLip Today...

I got 1 cc of Juvederm this past January and really liked the result although it could've been a little bigger. I realize that after a while filler get really expensive so I'm opting for a long term solution... lip implants. So this morning I am going in to see Dr. Hilinski in San Diego to get... READ MORE

Permalip - Wexford, PA

Going in a few hours for permalip 5mm top 4mm bottom. Will update after. Had prior juvederm and restaylyn so my upper used to be a lot smaller! Going to go with just the local. A little nervous. Wow they make you write a lot to post this......don't have that much more to say! Consultation was... READ MORE

26 Year Old Permalip Implants - Johnstown, CO

I've been insecure about my lips for about as long as I can remember, also my teeth. So at 24 I got the ball rolling and got braces, yes there is a mouth full of metal under these lovely lips of mine. I've got about 3 months left with them on. I decided a few months ago to make myself happy and... READ MORE

Top Lip Implant - Folsom, CA

Wide awake numbed lip implant. My lip was so numb I didn't feel a thing during the 5 min or less procedure. I already had good lips to begin with I was previously getting fillers to make them even more full but I feel like the fillers don't last long at all, so after spending $1500 on syringe... READ MORE

Posting Minutes Before Surgery - Plano, TX

Nurse just came back to get me, and help me into a super sexy gown over the clothes I wore in. Excited AND nervous. During: I really had to push the doc to put a 5 up top. He wanted 4 top and bottom. We settled on 5mm top, 4mm bottom. The nurse gayla was wonderful and so reassuring with her... READ MORE

4mm Permalip UK

Hello, I've booked in for having Surgisil lip implants on March 3rd, but still very unsure which size implants to go for. I'm thinking either 5mm top and 4mm bottom, but I don't want the top lip to end up being bigger than the bottom... Any advice would be great! So I arrived at my... READ MORE

My Surgisil Permalip Lip Implant Journey. Long and Detailed... - London, GB

After several months of research and plucking up courage, I booked my permalip surgery and now it is suddenly 1 week before the procedure!! I have had juvaderm ultra (1ml, then 1.3ml) before, which gave me a taster of having lips just a tad fuller. However the effect of this wore off after about... READ MORE

Journey for Better Lips! - Columbus, OH

First consultation went well. Appears to be a minor procedure and worth the cost which is equivalent to three filler sessions which last less than 6 months. Dr. Was knowledgeable and feel very comfortable with his ability and experience. Left it up to me to chose which size, 4 mm or 5 mm,... READ MORE

Permalip - Top Lip Only - 5mm - Beverly Hills, CA

My lips have always been an insecurity of mine. Mainly my top lip as it is noticeably smaller than my bottom lip. I tried Juvederm out back in 12/29/15, and loved my results but they only lasted 4-5 months, and I had paid $485. So getting Permalip just seemed like a better solution for me, money... READ MORE

29 Year Old Tired of Wasting Money on Lip Injections Going with Permalip - Folsom, CA

My surgery is tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I have always hated the small and narrow size of my lips do I started getting lip injections a year ago. I finally realized how wasteful it was and stopped so I could save for permalip . I am more modest and don't quite like the fake look so initially I... READ MORE

Hoping for "Old Hollywood Glamour Lips" - 4mm Top and Bottom- No More Vanishing Top Lip. - Westerville, Ohio

Two years ago I went for Juvederm to fill in my parenthesis lines. The doctor had a little more left (half of one syringe) and suggested a large impact could be made if we put it in my upper lip. I never had obsessed about my small upper lip before that, but once I saw it bigger I realized I... READ MORE

5mm perma lip implant

Day 1 post op, Top lip has a lot of swelling bottom lip not so much, some discomfort not enough for pain medication, ice pack helps much. Both lips have 5 mm. The surgery was painless and fast less then 45 minutes. Day 2...NO pain, lips still feel stiff and some what numb from the dental... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Wants Permanent Solution for Full Lips - Pittsburgh, PA

I've tried Juvederm, one full syringe, and it didn't seem to make a huge difference and was gone FAST. For me it really seemed it metabolized within a month. So for $500 I felt pretty cheated and turned off from fillers. I've been researching permalip implants since then(about a year and a half)... READ MORE

I Finally Did It

After searching for almost a year and interviewing a few doctors in my local state, the answer of why I should or should not have them done left me alittle nervous about the procedure. But I decided to keep searching my lips were really bothering me they were so thin. I wasn't intersted in... READ MORE

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