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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE ›

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Permalip Implants and White Spots (Fordyce Spots)

Ive always been self conscious of my thin lips especially my upper lip. So i had a consultation with a doctor a few days ago. He suggested 3mm in my top lip but when he felt my lips he said he believed i could accommodate 4mm in top and bottom. I'm a little worried about the fit as i dont want... READ MORE

Lip Lift and 5mm Surgisil Lip Implants Top and Bottom - Charleston, SC

Hi, all. I started researching a permanent solution for my aging, thinning lips about six months ago. I tried Juvederm, which wasn't bad, but didn't help all that much or for very long. I thought about silicone injections and had a consult with a local plastic surgeon. I liked his results, but... READ MORE

Permalip Gave Me Natural Volume - Boosted My Confidence - Royal Tunbridge Wells, GB

I have always wanted bigger lips therefore started getting lip filler however hated the 'duck' look it had started to create. I decided to opt for the lip implants - decided to go medium - which Mr Amir Nakhdjevani suggested was about the same as 1 ml of filler - which was perfect. I was... READ MORE

Long Process for Lip implants but Worth It! - Richardson, TX

I decided for my birthday to get limp implants. The doctor recommended 4mm top and bottom but I chose to do 5mm top and bottom instead. I based this decision on the many reviews I read saying people regretted the medium size or even that the large wasn't big enough. My lips are on the small side... READ MORE

3 Days Post!! - McLean, VA

After going back& forth, I finally bit the bullet and got the permalip implants. I've had fillers many times , of 1cc mostly in upper lip. I went with the 5mm in top and 4 on bottom. My swelling is pretty bad at the moment. With some slight bruising on the L side. The pain after the... READ MORE

Permalip- Flower Mound, TX

Just got my Permalip implants this morning and I love them so far! I was nervous this AM before the procedure, but Dr Sanderson and his nurse Jana really put me at ease. I put my headphones in, turned on pandora, and he got started with the numbing process. It was absolutely no big deal from... READ MORE

Permalip 5mm - Plano, Texas

Well I am anxiously awaiting my lip implant procedure. I have been doing injections for 3 years and I am tired of going back and honestly they seem to look different every time I get them done. So researched and found out my PS is one of the inventors of Permalip so I figured who better to have... READ MORE

25 Year Old Permalip 5mm Top and Bottom - Maryland

Tired of paying for juverderm, Balise, etc and it goes away in about 2-4 weeks. Wanted something permanent. I got the permalip 5mm top and bottom lip. Procedure went well with no pain. Day 3 swelling subsided tremendously. You will need about a week off for swelling to go down or wear a mask.I... READ MORE

53 Yrs Old Needed New Lips!!! - Royal Palm Beach, FL

So far so good!!!! Its 4:15 am and I can't sleep because the vicodin is making me itch, so I decided to take this time to tell you that I am so happy to have taken the plunge!!! Today I got my Perma Lip implants and they look great!!! I you hate the idea of ongoing injections, go for the... READ MORE

5mm Permalip Implants with Vermilion Advancement - Indianapolis, IN

I always had decently full lips, but felt like they didn't match the rest of my face. They were also only full in the middle- the outer thirds tapered off drastically. I decided to get permalip 5mm (go big or go home) in top and bottom for a poutier look (check out Irina Shayk for my dream lips)... READ MORE

Skip the Lip Injections and Go for the Implants! Jupiter, FL

My mamma used to say girl, don't give me any lip. Well that's perfect, because I didn't have any. Seriously! At 50 I decided to do something about it. I tried lip injections and liked it but they disappeared fast and so does your money on your return visits. I may be in Palm Beach but I don't... READ MORE

32 YO, Female - Houston, TX

Had my permalip procedure literally 30 minutes ago. It was done in the office. I was nervous as heck! I went to the room, I laid down in the chair. It reminded me of going to the dentist. It was time for the dental blocks. He put about 15 shots around my mouth, a few close to my cheekbones. It... READ MORE

37 with Permalip implants...emotional rollercoaster, but overall I'm happy :) - Bethesda, MD

Well it's definitely been an emotional experience. I never considered my lips "thin" but I have always wanted the big pouty Angelina Jolie, Kyle Jenner look. I started getting filler in 2015 and realized that it totally sucks watching my lips deflate after sometimes what seemed to be just a... READ MORE

51 Yr Old with Thin "Disappearing" Lips As I Get "Wiser" in Life - Dallas, TX

I have always had thin lips but as the years have gone by they disappear when I smile. Small amount of volume I did have was also gone. I wanted something permanent, that wouldn't have to be maintained on a yearly or bi-yearly schedule. I chose to go with the largest, 5 mm, for top and bottom... READ MORE

Lip Implant Surgery with Dr. Harrison Lee - Beverly Hills, CA

This is my second surgery with Dr. Lee, this time involving Lip implants with Surgisil/Permalip. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and had little to no discomfort during surgery. The only thing I felt during the procedure was a little moving and that's about it, no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

Permalip Gone Wrong! Can I Take It off After Only One Moth? - Italy

3 weeks ago I had a permalip procedure. And I think it's complete wrong. I can feel the upper lip implant only at the right side. It seems that he didn't put it until the end. The same thing happens on the lower lip... Where I can feel the lip implant on the left side and the right side seems... READ MORE

Permalip - Wexford, PA

Going in a few hours for permalip 5mm top 4mm bottom. Will update after. Had prior juvederm and restaylyn so my upper used to be a lot smaller! Going to go with just the local. A little nervous. Wow they make you write a lot to post this......don't have that much more to say! Consultation was... READ MORE

32F I Wanted Something That Would Be Less Hassle, Low Maintenance, Permanent, and Smoother Than Filler - Wexford, PA

I've had Restalyne in my lips for about 8 months. My body burns through it really quickly, and while I loved the plump look, it was aggravating having to get it done every 2 months. Kristi, who works at Premier Plastic Surgery, suggested implants, so I spoke with Dr Heil about lip implants and... READ MORE

Verifil Implants Failed Replacing With Permalip Implants. Chicago, IL

Just starting this journey. I had verifil saline lip implants done in 2007. I have a small mouth and very thin lips naturally. So even though they were not as large as I wanted I was still happy after the work was done. About 5 years ago I started wondering about injections to increase the... READ MORE

34yr Old. Atlanta, GA

I am going in tomorrow morning to have Permasil to upper and lower lip 5mm. I will keep you posted! I am excited and a little nervous. Have tried restalyn filler before. I loved the outcome but didn't last long so decided permanent would be a better option for me. After researching physicians in... READ MORE

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