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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE ›

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3 weeks ago I had a permalip procedure. And I think it's complete wrong. I can feel the upper lip implant only at the right side. It seems that he didn't put it until the end. The same thing happens on the lower lip... Where I can feel the lip implant on the left side and the right side seems... READ MORE

Going in a few hours for permalip 5mm top 4mm bottom. Will update after. Had prior juvederm and restaylyn so my upper used to be a lot smaller! Going to go with just the local. A little nervous. Wow they make you write a lot to post this......don't have that much more to say! Consultation was... READ MORE

I've had Restalyne in my lips for about 8 months. My body burns through it really quickly, and while I loved the plump look, it was aggravating having to get it done every 2 months. Kristi, who works at Premier Plastic Surgery, suggested implants, so I spoke with Dr Heil about lip implants and... READ MORE

Just starting this journey. I had verifil saline lip implants done in 2007. I have a small mouth and very thin lips naturally. So even though they were not as large as I wanted I was still happy after the work was done. About 5 years ago I started wondering about injections to increase the... READ MORE

I am going in tomorrow morning to have Permasil to upper and lower lip 5mm. I will keep you posted! I am excited and a little nervous. Have tried restalyn filler before. I loved the outcome but didn't last long so decided permanent would be a better option for me. After researching physicians in... READ MORE

Hi guys, So last year 2014 Dec , I got breast Impants and lip fat transfer, at the same time. All went so very well until my lips fat cells went so very fast with In weeks they went back my normal lips, I knew myself I've always wanted bigger lips since I can remember! There to me are so so... READ MORE

Going in this morning to get lips done. Today 12-09-15 Excited and nervous at the same time. Looking forward to having some lips for the first time in my life. Doc recommended the 5mm on top & bottom. Guess I need all the help i can get. LOL! But I have to say, I definitely agree for sure... READ MORE

Dr. Sule and his assistant Marissa are the absolute best. I dreamed for over a year of getting a lip implant in my top lip that was disappearing due to bone lose from dentures at only 39 years old. He was very gentle, caring asked me alone the way how I was doing and if I needed breaks. I will... READ MORE

I felt having plumper, enlarged lips would balance my facial features as I've always had a small mouth with lips that I enjoyed fuller. I previously tried alloderm decades ago and temporary fillers here and there, but nothing lasts, including the alloderm which only looked great for a couple of... READ MORE

I decided to get lip implants in order to reduce having to get so many painful fillers. I am 24 hours post op and feeling great. The procedure itself only took about thirty minutes and the worst part are the initial dental block shots. The rest is just mild pulling and tugging. Dr. Roberts... READ MORE

Day 1 post op. Today is the first day post op. It has been a tough time for me. I have been experimenting pain. I am so so swollen and bruised. It's unbelievable. I feel awful. I can't eat or drink normally. It's really hard to move my mouth. My lips feel a ton of pressure. A sore and... READ MORE

I had upper lip implant only using the 4mm size. Once the swelling was down completely I realized it's not that much of a difference. I get a ton of compliments of how great and natural it looks but I was definitely looking for a bigger pout. I was nervous to get the biggest size, 5mm, because I... READ MORE

I've always wanted larger lips and considering the cost over time I opted to go with the permalip lip implants. I had my surgery yesterday, the numbing process was REALLY uncomfortable I didn't feel anything during the placement but the local anesthetic starting wearing off a bit towards the end... READ MORE

I've never felt my face was "right" for who I was in my mind. I'm an artist; and aesthetics, balance and beauty are obvious and important to me - so I don't feel it's vanity or a self esteem issue as so often touted to change your appearance. For some people it's just more worth it then a new... READ MORE

I went to my consultation with Dr. Simmons last week. He was very kind and nice. I decided to go with this procedure based off of his last Permalip patient's results. I can't decide if I want to go with 4mm on my top lip and 5mm on my bottom lip or 5mm on both. My payment is due a week before... READ MORE

I'm a Scandinavian young woman. I have never been 100% satisfied with my lips. My lips are normal, I guess. They are not thin, but not exceptionally full either, so I have to line them everyday to make them look fuller and more feminine to give me pretty smile and nice look. Here's photo of how... READ MORE

I just had my procedure. I went through the doctor that has done my breast implants as well as my fillers in my cheeks and my lips, and also does my Botox. He is highly reputable and my mom happens to be his office nurse, so I felt comfortable with him. I have had probably 4 sessions of juviderm... READ MORE

I always wanted fuller luscious lips. I've done research most of 2014 and 2015. The end of 2014 I started doing injections with juvederm. I had injections done about 3 times before I found out about Permalip. I went with Dr. Jeffrey Wise because he had a lot of qualifications and specifies in... READ MORE

I have always wanted a fuller upper lip since I was young. I had tried getting cosmetic lip liner and that didn't seem to work. After researching pros and cons between lip fillers and a lip implant, it seemed as though a lip implant was more beneficial. Cost wise and longevity wise. So far it's... READ MORE

Hey' I went to Istanbul Turkey and has Sursigil Permalip on both bottom and top lip, in June 16th 2015. I have had my bottom implant completely moved from the pocket to back of my inner lip, very uncomfortable and feels like almost ripping out of skin. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia and I... READ MORE

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