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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE ›

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5MM Permalip - Bel Air, MD

*This review will be ongoing* I've thought about getting lip injections to make my lips bigger for a long time. I think my mouth is pretty wide but I want more volume. I can't really afford to get 600-800 dollar injections every 3-6 months which is why Permalip sounded so appealing to me. From... READ MORE

54 Y.o. - Richardson, TX

I never had full lips.. at the age of 50 I started to notice a lot of wrinkles on my upper lip.. whole face was sagging more and more. After spending couple hundreds on fillers that did Not work, I decided to do 5 mm. lip implant. It was the best decision ever.. Thanks to the wonderful team... READ MORE


In February of 2016 I started seeing Dr. Pryor and staff. The first thing I ever did elective like this was a mommy makeover. After being treated so great by the Dr. and his entire staff I tried filler and Botox which I love. This time last year I had my first lip filler experience. LOVED IT.... READ MORE


I use to get fillers having my last filler of juvaderm October 2015. Fillers can get expensive and I bruised from the filler so that wasn't the greatest for like ten days later I had a bruise on my face. So I decided to go with permalip I have wanted this done for 10 years and finally I came to... READ MORE

Ready or Not, Here I Go!

I have been getting juvederm for about a year and a half. My body consumes fillers voraciously, so fillers only last about a month! Can you say expensive!!? Anyway, I have been researching the permalip procedure for several months, and have interviewed a few PS's. I called Sergisil, the company... READ MORE

My Operation a Few Hours Ago for Upper Lip Implant

Excellent choice of a produce. Just do your research, and you'll be impressed with a good doctor's work. This procedure works well if your goal is to improve your overall look by doing one small simple procedure. It doesn't get too detailed. It's like getting pierced on your body but with a... READ MORE

Permalip Implants 4 Mm - Jacksonville, FL

Just had Permalip implants 4 mm top and bottom this morning. Took less then an hour and the pain wasn't too bad and after the numbing injections there was none at all. I would highly recommend Dr. Garcia to anyone thinking about having this done. Great staff and bedside manner. No post operative... READ MORE

Small Mouth, Big Smile! Nice Lip Shape, Not Much Volume...

I decided to try medium (4mm) PermaLip soft silicone implants in my lips. My lips were fine before, but I think I will like this. Contemplated the idea for two years and kept a lip fund for one year. Didn't need to wait long at all to sry up my appointment. Family supported my nose job but not... READ MORE

5mm Permalip Implants

I've always been self conscious about my small lips. Two years ago, I broke my jaw in top places and my face healed wider than it was and it felt like my lips healed smaller than they were. Every time I look in the mirror, I focus on my lips. At 28, I've been insecure about this for at least 20... READ MORE

Have Permalip Implant but want to Remove and Get Lip Lift or Something else - Boca Raton, FL

I have very, very thin lips. When I see people's before photos, I wish I had that. Even in my 20's my lips were think like someone in their 70s. I got a Permalip implant by a reputable doctor in Boca Raton, FL years ago. Well guess what, it hardly made a difference from the front. From the side... READ MORE

Permalip Implants 5mm, 33 Transwoman

So this year I have finally have enough disposable income to start getting cosmetic procedures and surgeries. I've been having electrolysis, Botox, fillers etc. My friend and I had been researching permalip because we were dissatisfied with fillers. We found a surgeon fairly close who had a... READ MORE

47 Y.o. in Need of Lip Volume - Hermosa Beach, CA

I am seriously contemplating having 5 mm Permalip implants upper and lower. I met with Dr. Pearson of Hermosa Beach and he said I am a good candidate. I even like the "trout pout"; I feel it would balance my big nose. What do you guys think? I am a bit nervous about a permanent procedure on... READ MORE

3 Days Post!! - McLean, VA

After going back& forth, I finally bit the bullet and got the permalip implants. I've had fillers many times , of 1cc mostly in upper lip. I went with the 5mm in top and 4 on bottom. My swelling is pretty bad at the moment. With some slight bruising on the L side. The pain after the... READ MORE

Getting 4mm Permalip - Austin, TX

I have been getting Juvederm in my lips for almost 2 years now and I am sick of messing with it so I have decided to get Permalip. I have recently moved to a new city and went to a different injector. She did such a bad job that it was really the push I needed to do the surgery. My normal... READ MORE

28 Year Old Male PermaLip (5mm) in Los Angeles

I've never had lip fillers before for two reasons... 1. As a guy I was always afraid of having a "done look", it's not attractive on women but even less so on men in my opinion. 2. I couldn't justify the expense and discomfort of having to get fillers a few times a year. When I heard about... READ MORE

Perma Lip 5mm Top and 4mm Bottom

I decided to do lip implants while I was under general anesthesia for my 2nd breast augmentation. I made the decision on Friday the 24th before Monday the 27th surgery. There was some concern on getting the Perma Lip in on time. Dr. Kirbo was willing to have them sent overnight to his... READ MORE

Going in for Surgisil PermaLip Today...

I got 1 cc of Juvederm this past January and really liked the result although it could've been a little bigger. I realize that after a while filler get really expensive so I'm opting for a long term solution... lip implants. So this morning I am going in to see Dr. Hilinski in San Diego to get... READ MORE

Permalip - Wexford, PA

Going in a few hours for permalip 5mm top 4mm bottom. Will update after. Had prior juvederm and restaylyn so my upper used to be a lot smaller! Going to go with just the local. A little nervous. Wow they make you write a lot to post this......don't have that much more to say! Consultation was... READ MORE

26 Year Old Permalip Implants - Johnstown, CO

I've been insecure about my lips for about as long as I can remember, also my teeth. So at 24 I got the ball rolling and got braces, yes there is a mouth full of metal under these lovely lips of mine. I've got about 3 months left with them on. I decided a few months ago to make myself happy and... READ MORE

Top Lip Implant - Folsom, CA

Wide awake numbed lip implant. My lip was so numb I didn't feel a thing during the 5 min or less procedure. I already had good lips to begin with I was previously getting fillers to make them even more full but I feel like the fillers don't last long at all, so after spending $1500 on syringe... READ MORE

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