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How Much Pain is Normal During Recovery from LASIK Surgery?

How long does this pain normally last? Would sunshine trigger the pain? What other things would cause pain while recovering? READ MORE

Headaches after LASIK. Pain from it is unbearable

I had lepto lasik surgery and 2 days after suegery I started having severe headaches around left eye and left temporal region. I have been using... READ MORE

Blurred vision in dark or dim lights two months after LASIK. My eyesight was -7 before surgery. Any suggestions?

I got lasik eye laser on 3rd july 2014 it have been two months and am having blurred vision and when i wake up in morning my eyes pain as there is... READ MORE

I'm 3 wks po lasik, with dry eyes when exposed to fan/eye muscle exercise, pain from light. Why is this and when will it stop?

1) When i wear antiglairs, they get comfortable out of light exposure pain. 2) I apply eyemist gel in eye before sleeping. Still exposure to fan make... READ MORE

Why am I experiencing pain after LASIK surgery? It's been almost a year

Almost a year after LASIK surgery for several weeks upon awakening there's sharp eye pain and lately really blood red eyes. What do I do. I'm very worried READ MORE

Why there is Double vision in right eye after one month of Lasik??

I had lasik eyes surgery one month before on 20th jan 2015, i am having double vision in my right eye which is more worse in dim light seems to b in... READ MORE

Done with a lasik last week got blurry on right eye and blood near pupa in left eye. Any suggestions?

Hi,i done my lasik last week in my right eye it get blury and it gets little pain and in my left eye got some blood clot near pupa and it too pains a... READ MORE

What happens if I have to have my eye scraped? How long should I wait?

I had Lasik 2 weeks ago tomorrow. My dr noticed a spot under my flap that she is concerned about and said we may have to get it scraped. It is not... READ MORE

Is there a solution to my constant eye pain from LASIK?

I had lasik about a year ago. During the span of the year the clarity of my vision would fluctuate and dry eyes were a major problem, the fluctuation... READ MORE

LASIK on 6 June. The day of surgery I cried, and have since had eye pain & headaches. Will this have any affect on my outcome?

I used to suffer with insomnia before lasik, i had lasik on 07/06/2014,unexpectadly i cried on the day i had surgeory due to a quarrel between me... READ MORE

12 days after LASIK, I'm getting a headache and pain in my eyes. Is this normal?

I had a SBK LASIK on 12 oct 2015 .Till 24 OCT evrythung was fine .My vision was clear and no other issues but suddenly after 24 october i have started... READ MORE

Irregular Flap in Left Eye What to Do???

I have gone through lasik of my eyes last year throughout a year i have a constant severe pain in left eye i thought it might be because of dryness... READ MORE

Light sensitivity and eye pain after LASIK

Hello, I had Lasik about 6 months ago and have had extreme eye pain and light sensitive in my right eye since. I've seen some of the best Lasik... READ MORE

I had LASIK surgery done about 11 months ago. I am still experiencing painful dry eyes. Is this likely permanent?

I had LASIK done just under a year ago. I still experience dry eyes which cause pain & redness. I have done everything the doctor suggested, including... READ MORE

Constant eye strain & headache after LASIK with blurred vision?

I had LASIK performed on both eyes 6 days ago. Since then I am struggling to see. My vision is better than before, however I now have a whole new set... READ MORE

dry eyes and pain suddenly 2 weeks after Lasik. Is that normal? Should I just be patient?

Good morning. I had Lasik Femtosecond exactly 2 weeks ago. All went well, my vision was immediately good and lubrication was fine. Suddenly 10 days... READ MORE

Had LASIK 1 month ago. Redness is still making tensed, itching morning eye pain. What is it? (Photo)

I had lasik 1 month before,used blade for falp making. A week later left eye got redness and itching even pain in the morning and redness used to be... READ MORE

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