LASIK deep inner eye inflammation after 9 months? What structures might be inflamed? How to resolve the the blurred vision?

WaveFront Lasik 9 months ago, and doc says vision is 20/20 in both despite my right eye vision being blurry. If I wipe my eye there is a slight bit of pressure/pain near the upper eye and eye lid, and it feels like eye muscles are straining if I look out the side of my eye to the right. I was on Diclofenac for an unrelated issue recently. Within a few days of starting it my right eye vision was crisp. I'm off it now; vision returned to blurry. What's going on, and how do I get my doc to listen?

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Blurred vision after LASIK

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if you improved temporarily after a no steroidal (diclofenac), you are more than likely suffering from dry eye. My first recommendations are preserved free years, high quality fish oil, and turn off fans at night. You can also consider drops like Restasis or Xiidra and alternative treatments like IPL for dry eye.

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