I got -ve eye sight even after treating LASIK twice. Is there any problem to my eye?

In 2006, for me 1st time LASIK is done at the age of 22 for the sight -2.75 both eyes. In 2010 I got again sight i.e -1.5 for right eye so again LASIK is treated to my right eye.Now in 2016 I have -1 sight for my both eyes.Now Iam using spectacles. I can't read for more than 1hr I feel stressed. For 4days my right ball is paining. I consulted doctor he gave LUBISTAR-CMC,NEVANAC drops,SINAREST tablet. Is there any problem to my eyes?

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Late decrease vision after lasik

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there are a number of possibilities.   you should seek a second opinion.   indians have a high rate of cataracts even at a young age.   another possibility is ectasia.  both need an evaluation by a doctor.

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