I am returning 4 days post -op to reopen and rinse out my flap due to debris under the flap. Is this the same as DLK?

I am four days post-op from bladeless wavefront lasik surgery, and am returning today after a concerned appointment I made yesterday of cloudy vision, eye redness, and pain in one eye. I was told there was debris inside the flap and they need to reopen and wash out. Is this the same as DLK (Diffuse Lamellar Keratitus)? Also, will the recovery of this procedure be similar to the recovery of my initial procedure? It was quite painful for several hours, and I want to be mentally prepared.

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Lifting Lasik Flap for Rinse-out

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Debris under the flap is not the same as DLK, however debris under the flap may cause DLK so if the flap is lifted, both conditions can be dealt with at the same time.  In general the recovery should be close to the same. There may be reduced light sensitivity the second time if a femtosecond laser was used to make the flap for the original lasik procedure.

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