Broken Capillaries + Laser Resurfacing

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Best Laser Treatment for Broken Capillaries and Brown Spots?

 What is the best laser treatment to treat this with out a lot of down time? I had a laser treatment about 8 years ago that took care of the... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Have One Broken Blood Vessel Removed with Laser?

I live In Buffalo NY if that helps. ( not a major city such as Los Angeles). READ MORE

What Causes Broken Capillaries After Laser Treatment?

In the past I have had laser treatments for broken capillaries on my face. The first treatment I have been unresponsive. The second treatment is where... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries Around Nose - Options?

Had IPL, Pulse Dye, and Yag for Broken Capillaries Around Nose. Disappeared but Came Back. What else Can I Do? READ MORE

Laser or Chemical Peel for Skin with Brown Spots, Fine Wrinkles and Broken Capillaries

I return from Iraq with sun damaged (brown spots) and broken capalaries. I am 43 years old. Which procedure would work best? READ MORE

White Scars After Laser Treatment for Broken Capillaries

I had some laser treatment for broken capillaries on my nose, one month ago. Unfortunately, it has left behind some small white scars on the top of my... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries and Redness on Dark Skin, Which Laser is Best?

Hello, I want to know which Laser can be used to treat broken capillaries and redness on dark skin ? I know that the YAG Laser is safe for dark skin... READ MORE

Sciton Laser: Effective for Tiny Broken Facial Capillaries?

Just wondering, is Sciton Laser the most effective laser on the market for broken facial capillaries? If not, what are other options? READ MORE

Is Co2 Dot Laser or Dermapen ok for sensitive skin prone to broken capillaries?

I am 34 and considering the Smart Dot Co2 Laser or possibly the Dermapen to correct sun damage, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and orange peel skin. I... READ MORE

Broken capillaries are worse, and they've spread after laser resurfacing. What can I do?

Can laser cause spread of broken capillaries or cause the formation of new ones? I Recently had laser for broken capillaries at new clinic. 1 day... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries and Laser Resurfacing?

I have a few benign lesions on my nose, however there are broken capillaries surrounding it. It can be resurfaced, but is this a good idea since there... READ MORE

How long till redness from laser resurfacing goes away?

I had laser treatment for broken capillaries on my checks two weeks ago. My face is still slightly red in the treated areas? Will this go away and how... READ MORE

I Have a Raised Pin Point Scar on my Upper Near the Inner Eye Lid. I Got It Because I Pick on It at One Point with a Safety Pin?

And I broke a capillary. How do I fix it? Should I get it cut out by a doctor or is there a laser that can help? READ MORE

What treatments besides lasers can I use to get rid of redness and broken capillaries on my cheeks?

Redness, sensitivity, and broken capillaries have become real concerns for me lately. I've read that lasers are the gold standard for treating this,... READ MORE

What treatment or laser can be used for this condition? (photo)

I think I have broken capillaries on my face but they are tiny, making my overall complexion not so great. Or maybe this is something else? I... READ MORE

Can you treat safely broken vessels around the eye area with a laser?

Hello ,Is it safe to treat the delicate eye contour to remove broken vessels (very close to the cheeks/nose area?) Any risks involved with treating... READ MORE

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