Which is the BEST New LASER to Remove BROKEN CAPILLARIES and ROSACEA on the Cheeks/nose? Can I Do CUTERA EXCEL V?

Hi could you please advice me a new laser treatment to remove my red broken capillaries around my nose and my rosacea on my cheeks permanently ? i've been told that new EXCEL V by CUTERA is really good! is it TRUE? also can i do this during fraxel treatment or i should wait till the fraxel sessions are complete?my skin right now it has even more redness,just cause of the fraxel! thanks

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RE: Best Laser For Broken Capillaries and Rosacea

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The best laser to get rid of unwanted blood vessels on the face would be the Vbeam.

Every laser system relies on a specific wavelength to perform a specific function.

The Vbeam uses the 595nm wavelength, which is specialized for small blood vessels. In order to see great results, the laser energy needs to be absorbed by a particular target.

The 595nm will be absorbed in an excellent fashion by oxygenated hemoglobin.  It will proceed to destroy the walls of the blood vessels. The body then breaks down this tissue and carries it away from your skin’s surface so that they are no longer visible.

Here is a patient who underwent a Vbeam treatment for chest Rosacea


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Laser for Broken Capillaries and Rosacea

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Hi Vegansmile.  The first piece of advice we would give you is to not worry so much about finding a "new" laser.  The physical properties of laser light have not changed since they were invented 50-60 years ago.  There are two wavelengths that work very well for small facial veins, the KTP laser (532 nanometer) and the long pulsed Yag (1064 nanometer).  Neither of these are new technologies.  We use the the Sciton Profile (1064).

For Rosacea or general redness, you should look for the Cynosure V-star or Candela V-Beam.  These are 585 nanometer wavelength.

The Fraxel will be useless for facial veins and redness.  As you have stated, it will often make them worse.  The EXCEL V by CUTERA will likely work well as it has the 532 and 1064 wavelengths.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Lasers are a Great Solution...in the right hands.

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Hi Vegansmile,

There are definitely new treatments available to help treat rosacea today so you're in luck. 

Your doctor may suggest using a laser, the magic tool of the 21st century, but the use of the wrong tool in the "slightly less experienced hands" of a doctor who may be well meaning, but lacks the years of knowledge and skill to understand and truly treat your underlying problem, may lead you down a very expensive and unhappy rabbit hole. There is no cure, but with consistent use of the right

meds for you, use of sunscreens and possibly the use of lasers for some of the smaller blood vessels that may be bothersome your level of control can be more than satisfactory. Hope this helped!

Dr. S

Bruce Saal, MD
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Cutera Rosacea Red face

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In Rosacea, we use the Cutera Nd:Yag for physical vessels that track along the surface of the skin. The Limelight IPL works for diffuse redness. Topical creams such as Finacea may also be helpful. Rosacea is an ongoing problem and you will need multiple treatments to get the redness under control. Then on a yearly basis, 1 or 2 treatments may be necessary to keep it under control. Fraxel sessions are not specific for Rosacea.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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