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Laser Liposuction Side Effects

Can Laser Lipolysis cause damage in the stomach, intestines, etc. or cause any kind of infection? Can you get pregnant after you have the Laser Lipo? READ MORE

Are There Negatives Associated with Lipo Laser Treatment?

I am considering getting a lipo laser treatment session done (the spa says it is a non-invasive cold laser that liquefies fat cells), but I am... READ MORE

Does Fat Enter the Bloodstream After Laser Liposuction?

If not, where does it go? How do surgeons even know? READ MORE

Lipo Long Term Effect? (photo)

Hello, Has anyone out there followed up on patients that are one year of better into post op. Is it true that the fat comes back in places where it... READ MORE

Are LipoLaser and Ion Magnum treatments safe/effective?

Are LipoLaser and Ion Magnum treatments effective and, more importantly, safe? What are the side-effects/potential problems? Do they carry risks... READ MORE

Are there any dangerous side effects associated with laserlipo? Like increasing the risk of cancer.

I wanted to choose between ultrasonic lipo cavitation or lapolaser. I am 32 female. I don't have that much fat, since I practice yoga regularly. But,... READ MORE

Is Laser Lipolysis Safe for the Face?

I am considering Laser Lipolysis to remove extra fullness in the areas of the nasolabial folds and very medial cheeks. They are focal areas and are... READ MORE

Misshapen Contours After Laser Liposuction?

Will weight gain after lipo cause abnormal fat deposits in untreated areas? READ MORE

Orange Peel Skin After Laser Lipo on the Face

I had laser lipo on my face and chin 5 weeks ago and now my facial skin looks weird. My skin has a strange orange peel look. I had perfect skin prior... READ MORE

Laser Lipo and rectal bleeding. Is this a side effect?

I had laser lipo on Thursday today Saturday I have been bleeding from my anus. am hoping its just my heamoroid burst and not a side effect Can you... READ MORE

Laser lipo side effects?

I have had an issue with upper abdominal distention and hardness following laser lipo. It started 3 to 4 months after procedure and is worse now 2... READ MORE

Is it possible for Vaser or Smart lipo to cause any damage to the penis tissues or nerves?

I'm a guy in my early 30's. I used to be fat but I lost a lot of weight but still have some fat in my hips and inner thighs. Lately, I'm considering... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction risk and side effect on a specific patient?

My wife is a CML patient , also has AF and a history of strock 10 years ago, she's willing to do Laser Liposuction.. she's on Glivec,... READ MORE

Laser liposuction results and effects?

Well , I'm thinking to do Laser liposuction (Smart Lipo ) in my belly , waist and maybe some other areas! When the result can be reached? The injuries... READ MORE

How many sections would I have to go through to get rid of a few inches?

Hello. I am 18 years of age and an athelete. I have never been overweight and now I am. I need to get rid of my belly fat. I also want to know any of... READ MORE

Need to know Side Effects of Fat freezing.

Hi, i am from Colombo, Sri Lanka and married 31year old lady whose planning to undergo this treatment on my upper arms. Will this treatment cause a... READ MORE

Are Nerve Damage and Hair Removal Side Effects of Laser Lipolysis?

I am considering Acculift and am a 35 year old male. I have some Fat grafts that were done and have grown, and this seems like the perfect way to... READ MORE

What are cavitation, Laser liposuction and RF Slimming?

I am 58 years old mommy wanting to sculpt my fatty arms and legs. My friend recommended cavitation, lazer liposuction and RF Slimming treatment in a... READ MORE

What are the side effects in liposuction at buttocks? (Photo)

I am a guy aged 23 from India. There is nothing called fat in my body except buttocks. As a result I am having a worst shape of my body. The entire... READ MORE

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