Are There Negatives Associated with Lipo Laser Treatment?

I am considering getting a lipo laser treatment session done (the spa says it is a non-invasive cold laser that liquefies fat cells), but I am concerned about future uneven fat redistribution or the skin looking lumpy. Can this happen with this treatment? Are there other negatives associated with this treatment?

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Laser Lipo Treatment

Thank you for your question. Uneven skin can occur with all types of procedures, but some are very low risk, others are very high risk. This sounds like Cool Sculpting which is well regarded as a safe option if implemented correctly, with a proper patient selection. About 25% of the fat treated in the area is lost, but that leaves 75%. Therefore, you need to pencil out the costs, and see how much you want to remove versus how much it will cost to just do Vaser liposuction. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon first for a consultation I hope this helps.

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The non invasive cold laser liposuctions have yet to prove effective.

I haven't seen any good results with the non invasive laser liposuctions since the before and after photos look the same so therefore the risks are probably minimal to zero.  The invasive laser liposuctions do have risks and problems with dimpling, nerve damage, puckered skin  and burned skin. That is why they are becoming the cheapest lipos and not done by many of us who specialize in liposuctions. There are some docs who can do a good job with laser lipos but that is not common. Sincerely,

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Are there negatives to Laser lipo?

Yes, absolutely, there are risks associated with all invasive treatments. First, make sure your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon, not a part time laser lipo doctor. Anyone with a medical license can perform lipo, but to achieve smooth, natural results without post-operative issues it takes skill and practice. good luck!

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Laser liposuction

All medical treatments have their complications. Laser liposuction is an excellent and relatively safe procedure used to remove excess fat from the body.


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