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Options For Lumps And Hardness 3 Weeks Post Laser Lipo To Abdomen? (photo)

I Had Laser Lipo on my Abdomen 3 Weeks Ago. I Have Significant Hardness and Lumps. I've Had Weekly Lymphatic Massages and I really can't tell... READ MORE

A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?

A Month After Laser Lipo Suction my Abdomen is Rock Hard and Lumpy.It is Tight and "Pulling" Under the Bust. Is This Normal?? READ MORE

Ultrasound Massage for Laser Lipo Lumps?

I had Laser Liposuction done on my upper and lower tummy 2 weeks and 3 days ago. I now have some little lumps that my doctor said is normal. I heard... READ MORE

Just Had Laser Lipo. Is This Normal?

I just had Laser Lipo. Its 3 weeks out and Im still in pain. I had my upper/lower abs and flanks done. Im still really swollen but there are a lot of... READ MORE

Hard Lump Below Belly Button After Laser Lipo- Could I Get Infected?

Hello, i had laser lipo 2 weeks ago on my belly. Under my belly button i have now a hard lump of signifivant size. It is hard when i pinch the whole... READ MORE

What Are the Tight Lumps All over my Abdomen After Smart Lipo/laser Lipo?

It's been two week exactly since my surgery. I had work done on my abdomen and love handles and now my stomach is covered in tight, firm, lumps. I... READ MORE

I have a lump or bump on my tummy after getting smartlipo or laser lipo done 3 weeks ago. Will it go away? (photo)

I had what's called Airbrush or laser lipo at Elite body sculpture I did my bra roll all abdominal area and hips . The back looks good but the tummy... READ MORE

Massage - Liposuction and Breast Augmentation?

How soon after liposuction should I start the lymphatic drainage massages? Will those improve/remove the appearance of lumps and bumps? I had... READ MORE

Lumps on Neck After Laser Liposuction?

I had a Laser Liposuction on my neck or doble chin two week ago.  I've been noticing that I have a couple of lumps right where my chin ends and... READ MORE

Seroma/Hematoma 8 Months After Laser Liposuction?

I had Laser Liposuction 8 months ago. When the doctor removed the drain 2-3 weeks later he said my body would re-absorb any fluid. I moved, and 7... READ MORE

Can Liposuction Irregularites Be Fixed?

I had laser lipo done by a dermatologist; my upper abd is crinkled like cellulite and my lower abd has draping skin; i also have an indentation at the... READ MORE

I am at 10 days post laser lipo. Would magnesium help to minimize these hard lumps? (Photo)

I am at 10 days post laser lipo and have hard lumps in my stomach area. I was told that magnesium would help minimize them - is this so or what else... READ MORE

When do the lumps go away?

I had upper lower abs and flanks....about 16 days ago.. i dont see alot of change maybe far as my tummy becoming flat. I want yo know about... READ MORE

Is cortisone shots the best way to remove scar tissue lumps from Laser Lipo? (photos)

I had laser Lipo 3 years ago and now I have hard lumps under my belly putt on and it makes me appear to have a bigger stomach. I've tried massaging... READ MORE

Did the procedure just not work for me?

I had laser lipo in August of 2014. I saw initial results in the first two weeks. 4 weeks after that time I developed lumps and a shelf like... READ MORE

I had laser liposuction done to my lower and upper abdomen plus flanks. He left a lump behind. Should he have to fix it? (photo)

It's is a small minor problem, however it makes me feel unconscious because it clearly doesn't belong there ... it truly looks like a long( from left... READ MORE

Will the hard lumps in the my lower abdomen go away?

I recently had laser lipo. After 1 week, I went back to work had almost no bruising. Since my return to work, I am experiencing an increase in... READ MORE

Options To Reduce Lumps After Laser Lipo Caused By Hardened Fluid? (photo)

Hello, I had Laser Lipo 3 1/2 months ago to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Abdomen was nice and flat after surgery. I started to develop excess fluid,... READ MORE

I had laser lipo 6 months ago and I still have lumps and bumps on my stomach. What can I do about this? (Photo)

I had about 12 combination lymphatic massages right after my procedure and I drained and healed well but my unevenness is stressing me. Will thus go... READ MORE

Could lymphatic drainage massage done improperly cause fibrosis 2 weeks after laser lipo?

Had a laserlipo 2 wks ago, and lymphatic massage 3 days after op, and doing so 2X week. Massages aren't being done at my docs office as he suggested,... READ MORE

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