I had lip fat transfer that has migrated to philtrum. Can laser liposuction be used to get rid of the fat lumps in the philtrum?

In 2012 I had fat transfers to my upper lip. Unfortunately over the years I realized I now have lumps of fat in my philtrum bordering my lips. I realize steroid shots are risky to get rid of them as it can cause thinning of skin and other tissues. Can laser liposuction be used to get rid of these fat lumps in the philtrum which make my philtrum contour look weird?

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Needs evaluation

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Excess, lumpy fat can be excised.Area is too small for laser lipo or micro lipo.Injections of kenalog/5FU may help.
Kybella if you are using it for the double chin, possibly may play a role administered in small doses and it would help the fat, but not fibrosis.

Fat Transfer Results, Are They Permanent?

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Liposuction should not be performed in this area. You can have this reversed with steroid/5fu injections or surgery. Laser can sometimes give improvement. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip modifications

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Laser lipo is not an option in that portion of the face. I would truly consider a very dilute steroid injection directly into the lump.  

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