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Lymphatic Drainage & RF Bipolar Safe 2 Months After Laser Liposuction?

I have had LipoLaser for hips 2 months ago-is it ok if i have lymphatic drainage & RF Bipolar sessions? Thank you READ MORE

How Come 2 Months After Laser Liposuction Does my Stomach Still Extend out Far Like It Used To?

Hi! I had laser lipo and my stomach still extends out a great deal. My stomach was small to begin with but I had a few problem areas. My stomach feels... READ MORE

Complications 51 Days After Laser Lipo?

I had laser lipo done 51 days ago on my stomach. Where the canula was entered on my left side the scar is "stuck" to what feels like my muscle or... READ MORE

Laser Lipo, 8 Weeks and Measurements Are the Same As the Morning After the Procedure? (photo)

Dr. continues to tell me to "wait it out" I wear the compression garment 12 hours a day.... but there has not been a centimeter of change... READ MORE

I Had Laser Lipo 2 Months Ago and Non One Leg Looks Dark Like Deep Bruising is This Normal?

All the obvious bruising is gone but on my left leg there is a dark area about the size of my fist. My left leg also hurt more than my right leg. Is... READ MORE

Why Do I Itch & Tingle when Compressed? I'm 10 Wks PO & Started Wearing Tighter 1 Wk Ago.

Lipo to my abs, waist, and bsck bra rolls. The itching and tingling happens in my abdominal area when I'm compressed. READ MORE

2 months post op of Laser Liposuction, I see some loose skin coming down. Is this suppose to tighten up?

I have had a laser liposuction 2 month ago! i have seen great results so far, and some doctors told me that it would take couple of more month for... READ MORE

Is it safe to have non-invasive laser lipo 8 weeks after breast augmentation?

Hi there.... I am 8 weeks post BA, under muscle, surgery.... I am wondering if I could do non invasive lipo laser treatment- stomach areas, love... READ MORE

2 month laser lipo and still hardness?

I preformed laser liposuction on my abdominal 2 month ago and there is still hardness I can feel specially in the Middle plus I notice after taking... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait in between surgeries?

I had laser lipo on my back arms and upper abdomen almost two months ago. I would now like a breast lift and liposuction of my lower abdomen and love... READ MORE

Is there still a chance to see improvement if you have seen none at almost two months post op?

41yrs old, had upper/lower abs, flanks and outer thighs done in the same appt. Recovery was miserable, swelling horrendous but I stayed as patient as... READ MORE

Is daytime swelling 7-8 weeks post op normal?

I had laser lipo on my flanks/love handles performed over 7 weeks ago. When I get up in the morning it looks okay, with what appears to be minor... READ MORE

Laser lipo results started off amazing, now look worse. 2 months post-op. (Photos)

Day after lipo, I looked amazing. One month after, I looked amazing. It's now the end of month two and my lower stomach is starting to carry fat like... READ MORE

2 months post full abdominal laser lipo, I'm still swollen and uneven. What can I do?

Dear all, I've got a full abdominal laser lipo with ecography assistance and after two months I'm still swollen, and when I move down my stomach skin... READ MORE

Lipo laser sessions and pregnant?

I have been going for lipo lazer sessions for two months now and just found out today that I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant, would this have harmed my baby? READ MORE

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