Upper Lip + Laser Hair Removal

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Got Burned by Laser Hair Removal and Have Dark Spot, How Can I Get Rid of Them Fast? (photo)

Hello, I had my 3rd laser hair removal 6 days ago on my upper lip and full brazilian area. I noticed that it was more painful than usual and swollen... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Take Painkillers Before Waxing?

I've had some people tell me to take ibuprofin or acetomenphin before I get waxed.... but I've had other aestheticians tell me not to because... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Freckles to Turn Darker After Laser Hair Removal?

I had my first treatment of Laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin yesterday. I have noticed that the freckles on above my lip and chin have... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal at Upper Lip?

3 Days ago i got my first laser hair removal procedure at my upper lip. After a day of the procedure seem that my lip started to get red and with... READ MORE

I Have Developed Dark Pigments on my Upper Lip, Where I Had Laser Hair Removal. What Do I Do?

I had laser hair removal on my upper lip a few years ago. About a month ago, the skin above my upper lip became darker, and now is "tanned" in the... READ MORE

Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Upper Lip? I'm Indian.

How many sessions will it take? what wil be the cost and how many days it wil take...... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation on Upper Lip from Laser Hair Removal is It Most Likely Permanent?

Had laser hair removal and down the line noticed my upper lip paler than the rest of my face. It's been a while and it seems to not tan when im... READ MORE

Does Laser Hair Removal Above Upper Lip Cause Premature Wrinkling.

I have heard that it affects the glands and promotes smoker like wrinkles. I would also like to ask after each treatment and the following days do you... READ MORE

Upper Lip Discoloration As a Result of Laser Hair Removal?

In 2011, I did my first and last session of laser hair removal on my upper lip. After, I noticed a discoloration. The skin is now a darker pigment and... READ MORE

I Will Be Having my Second Laser Hair Removal Session for my Upper Lip in a Little over a Week?

I have not done any sort of hair removal to the area for about 3 weeks, so hairs have been starting to grow back. I have an area of about 7-9 really... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Side Burns for Brown Skin?

I am asian indian with brown skin. I have got YAG laser on my upper lip (6 sessions) and side burns (3-4 sessions) a couple of years back. I get upper... READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Hair Removal on Scarred Area?

I've had laser resurfacing done on my face 5 years ago, and it has left me with a scar above my lip where I'm thinking of having laser hair... READ MORE

I bleached by upper lip a week before my laser hair removal treatment, will it still work?

I read you have to stop bleaching 6 week prior to appointment, my hair is dark but will the treatment still work if i bleached it ??? btw this is my... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal for Thin, Dark Upper Lip Hair?

I have thin black upper lip hairs that used to blend in with my skin color, but have since gotten a bit dark. Because the hair isn't thick, am I still... READ MORE

I've had 6 of 8 treatments with medlite c laser for facial hair: sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck.

 soI have not experienced long term smoothness yet and hair does grow back just not as long. Will I see results by my last 2 treatments? I am... READ MORE

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning. I have dark spots. (Photo)

I had laser hair removal yesterday on my upper lip, immediately after treatment it starting burning and the pain didn't go away for about 3 or 4 hours... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal After VI Peel?

I just got a VI peel and realized I have a laser hair removal session appointment for my upper lip 7 days after the peel. Is this enough time between... READ MORE

Can Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Done Safely for a Teenager? (photo)

Should the treatment be put off until she is older, or is 17 good? She has already gone through puberty. Also, would she be at a higher risk for hyper... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Burn - Should I Switch to a Yag Laser?

I am a Fitz IV and I've just have just had one session of the diode lightsheer on my chin,lip and neck. I got badly burned on the chin and neck but... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal on Upper Lip and Have Pain Over Teeth?

I did laser hair removal on my upper lip, 8 monts ago. And i still feel pain over 1, 2 teeth. Pain is constant, somethimes wake me, and during day... READ MORE

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