Breakout + Laser Hair Removal

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Breakouts from Laser Hair Removal

I developed a horrible breakout from GentleLase, and didn't have great results with Aurora. When using the GentleLase the resulting breakouts were... READ MORE

I'm having a severe breakout after a Facial Laser hair removal. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Recently done my third last hair removal on my face, it bury worse than the first two and my face seems to have broken out with sever acne? The first... READ MORE

Laser Hair Removal Acne Reaction. I Need an Effective Treatment Please (photo)

I'm 24 years old female and before two years i did a laser hair removal for may face 6 times,and in at the same period i were doing a derma-roller... READ MORE

I have itchy red bumps that take almost a month to go away after Laser Hair Removal. Is this normal?

I've recently had my 2nd full body laser hair removal session, and this is the second time some areas on my body mainly legs &arms completly break out... READ MORE

I Had Laser Hair Removal with Candella Gentleyag and Broke out Why? How Do I Stop It from Happening Again?

Hello I had laser about 5 months ago.I had oily skin.As soon as I started laser hair removal I broke out with pus filled spots all over my face. I... READ MORE

I have skin irritation/breakouts after bikini area laser hair removal. Is this normal?

My bikini area is prone to breakouts after shaving or waxing. I've been doing laser treatments since June. After the first 3 treatments, things were... READ MORE

I had fourth sitting for face laser and after one month I have an acne breakout. (Photo)

After taking oral n topical antibiotics for one month the acne are still breaking out. Please suggest READ MORE

Can I stay in the sun after laser hair removal? Am I suited for the treatment?

I am extremely hairy but i have very fair skin. is my condition suited for the treatment? and i have heard that after undergoing the treatment, the... READ MORE

Help with back hair?

I have hair all over my back, shoulder, and chest. Ive been suffering from this for years, i reall need help! it also caused breakout whenever i wax,... READ MORE

Can I undergo laser hair removal for my face when I'm using perscribed acne medication? (photo)

Hi, I'm a Mexican female. My acne is pretty low, but it used to be a little moderate. I once used a hair removal cream for the face, and it made me... READ MORE

Painful pimples or folliculitis 5 months after last laser hair removal treatment. (photos)

I had 6 laser hair removal treatments on the back of my neck (hair wasn't so thick to begin with, only had a bit that I wanted removed), my last... READ MORE

Facial Laser Hair Removal, Breakout Acne or Folliculitis?

Hi, I am 28, female, never had acne before. I am having facial hair removal and have done 6th sessions so far. Since my 3rd treatment my skin has... READ MORE

Is It the Laser Hair Removal That is Causing my Breakouts? (photo)

It’s been 1 yr since I’ve started laser on my face and neck. I’ve had 8 treatments and for the last 4 I’ve been breaking out... READ MORE

I Break out when I Do Laser Hair Removal, SHould I Consider VPL?

Hi, im fair olive skinne dwith dark brown hair. I use to go for laser hair removal (nd-yag) but after one week i break out into fine rash like pimples... READ MORE

Severe breakouts after Laser Hair Removal on face, what should I do?

I did laser on my face every 6 weeks with lightsheer for a year. I stopped for another year, just started up again. I have dark hair light skin and... READ MORE

Will laser hair removal giving me very bad acne ? (photos)

The past few months I have been going through laser hair removal on my whole face everytime I go through a session, I break out in a number of... READ MORE

Scalp folliculitis treatment after doxycyline?

I first noticed grainy round balls on my scalp and my derm said it was dandruff. I then developed folliculitis and my scalp itches and breaks out... READ MORE

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