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Gastric Band Slippage Symptoms

What are signs that your gastric band has slipped? I've been having reflux like symptoms, but don't know if that means anything or just not to eat... READ MORE

Does a Lap Band Have to Be Removed After So May Fills or Years?

Does a Lap Band 'expire' after so many uses or years? READ MORE

Does Lap-Band Work on Low BMI but Overweight People?

My BMI is 28, I am 5'3" and weigh 160 lbs. I have a high triglyceride. Both of my parents have type 2 diabetes. My doctor has told me I am at... READ MORE

Can You Get Liposuction and a Full Tummy Tuck with a Lapband in

Im getting the lapband can i get lipo and a full tummytuck READ MORE

When Can I Go Back to Work After Gastric Banding?

I have a desk job and I can get a week off work without having to tell my boss why I need the time. Is this enough time to get the band and be back to... READ MORE

Can Lap Band Be Done Several Years After a Gastric Bypass to Start Losing Weight Again?

I had gastric bypass 10 years ago and have regained about 50 pounds and cannot lose it not matter what. Is lap band an option to assist in losing... READ MORE

Sore Gastric Band Port 4 Years Post-op

4 years after gastric band my port area is sore, have lost 14 stone and now do lot of sit ups, could it be port moving about? READ MORE

Can I Get Gastric Band Surgery if my BMI is Normal?

I am 5'5" and weigh 59 kilograms (130 pounds) and have an average BMI; however, i am struggling to lose a bit more weight as a result of my... READ MORE

Is the Lap Band Reversible?

Can a Lap Band be removed if I reach my target goal? READ MORE

Does Gastric Banding Result in a Lot of Excess Flabby Skin?

Once I have the stomach stapling procedure, will I end up with a lot of flabby skin? READ MORE

Can a Lap Band Leak?

Can a band leak and cause problems down the road? Would I need another surgery if this happens? READ MORE

Will Lap Band Removal Always Result in Weight Gain?

I've been banded for six years and in that time have reached my goal weight (115 lbs loss). I can easily attribute half to the band and half to the... READ MORE

My Sister Had Lapband Surgery About 5 Years Ago and Has Pretty Much Been Vomiting at Almost Every Meal She Eats Since Then?

She refuses to go back to her doctor or do anything about this. She has not lost any weight, and says" think how big i would be if I didn't have it".... READ MORE

I'm 4 Years Post-op on a Lap Band and I Have Some Bad Port Site Pain. What Could It Be?

Hello. I had Lap Band surgery in June 2008. Since then, I've lost about 70 pounds and feel great. I've been training for a marathon, and... READ MORE

Can You Have More Children After a Gastric Band? I Already Have Two but May Want More..

I am 25yrs old with two children, I am 5,2ft and weigh 18 stone. I am considering weight loss surgery such as a gastric band but I think I will want... READ MORE

What Are the Symptoms of Pouch Dilatation in Gastric Band Operation?

I've been operated from 10 years and now i'm regainng weight and eating huge portions no matter how much filling i do. I went through... READ MORE

Will I Still Be Hungry After Lap Band Surgery?

I feel like I'm always hungry and that's why I'm overweight. I don't eat bad foods, just a lot of food. Will a Lap Band help? READ MORE

How Young is Too Young for a Lap Band?

Is someone under 17 able to get a Lap Band? READ MORE

Realize Band Recall

Have Realize bands been recalled?  What are the dangers of not having it replaced?   READ MORE

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