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Am I a Suitable Candidate for Juvederm to Treat Dark Circles?

I'm 23 years old with hereditary purplish dark circles. The skin under my eyes is very thin, and the veins are apparent, so earlier this year I... READ MORE

Blue Veins on my Lip After Juvederm Injections

I have blue veins on my lip after juverderm injections almost 3 weeks ago I took arnica so there was really no bruising at all. But now I see these... READ MORE

Veins and Reddish Nose After Juvaderm Ultra Plus Injection

I frequently have juvaderm ultra plus injected into my nose to give it definition as I have a flat nose bridge. Recently, I had half a syringe... READ MORE

Should I Fear the Possibility of Arterial Occlusion with Juvederm Injection?

I had a vein tied off under my eye, leaving a small scar laterally to my eye. My PS injected it with steroids when he noticed an undisolved stitch.... READ MORE

Can Juvederm or Restylane help with a large vein under the eye area?

Hello! I was looking to get either Juvederm or Restylane for my hollow tear troughs that I have, but since it just essentially makes the skin... READ MORE

What is the length of time for a hematoma from nicked vein caused by juvederm voluma xc injection? Are there other concerns?

I had juvederm voluma xc 7 weeks ago that left a hematoma on my left side. The bruise has improved and is starting to fade and is smaller. But fell... READ MORE

Can juverderm filler into nasolabial folds cause a vein to appear in the space between my nostril and top lip? Can it migrate?

I had juverderm filler 3 wks ago. At first i thought it was swelling that would subside. Now i can see that it appears be a bluish raised vein the... READ MORE

Do doctors use special needle so they don't hit a vein when injecting Juvederm.

Does doctor use special needle so they don't hit a vein when injecting juvederm. READ MORE

Is this cellulitis from juvederm? (Photo)

In may I had juvederm between my brows. .. an immediate lump but was told it was normal .fast forward to Oct 6th my forehead n large vein swelled and... READ MORE

Possible to hit a vein or blood vessel in the chin which leads to the vision? Can I get blind?

If you inject juvederm or restylane in the middle of the chin (the tip), is it possible to hit or block the bloodflow in a vein or blood vessel which... READ MORE

Has anyone ever had a nicked vein from lip filler? Or has had a ball formed in the lip and will it go away? (Photo)

I had some topical numbing gel applied before getting 1 ml of Juvederm Refine in my upper and lower lip. One entry point was particularly painful and... READ MORE

Which doctor can help with granulomas causing systemic reaction from juvederm being injected into vein on my forehead? (Photo)

In may I was injected with juvederm between my eyebrows...5 months later a vein swelled n PS said he's never heard of such a thing... But... READ MORE

How quickly after Juvederm injection into the glabella single line would i know it went into a vein/artery?

Hi all! I had 1 syringe of Juvederm injected today, over 15 hrs ago, ( 2 weeks earlier botox) into my 1 middle vertical line to smooth it out some... READ MORE

I had dermal filler HA 2 days ago to naso labial fold. (photo)

I had dermal filler HA to my nasolabial folds 2 days ago, the injector is experienced and aspirated prior to each injection, there were no problems.... READ MORE

I just noticed that my veins under my eyes are more noticeable than before. Is this normal? (Photo)

I was worry about my eyes circles but know my veins looks terrible... and makes me look tired after my fillers treatment with juvederm and other brand... READ MORE

Can juvederm be injected into a vein or Maxillary glands by accident?

I had Juvaderm in my cheeks in Sept. and when the PS filled my left cheek (upper cheek right next to the tear trough) there was one area that hurt... READ MORE

Are swollen veins above the eyebrows normal after Juvederm injections ?

I had 1ml Juvederm used around each eye a few hours ago. A vein above each eye is hard and swollen, is this normal and can I do anything to help them... READ MORE

If I get Juvederm to improve the appearance of temple veins, how likely am I to go blind?

I have read atrocious stories about the risk of blindness from cosmetic fillers. Meanwhile, a colossal vein has appeared on my forehead, and each time... READ MORE

Why is this vein enlarged after Juvederm? (Photos)

A vein that was not there before became visible after I had juvederm lip augmentation. It leads down to my upper lip. It is raised and looks like... READ MORE

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