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Nerve Pain in Teeth, Sinuses and Face Started 1 Wk. After Juvederm

I had Juve for 1st time in n/l folds,chin(2 sds) & 1cheek. Now pain in jaws, all teeth,sinuses (feels lk. sinus infection w/o congest.)-now into... READ MORE

If I Go to the Dentist and They Stretch my Mouth for a Long Time Will I Lose the Juvederm?

Like for a root canal. Just wondering if the rubber dam thing would effect my juviderm lips. READ MORE

Is it Ok to have laser teeth whitening a few days after juvederm injections?

I am wondering if the laser from the teeth whitening could some how dissolve the juvderm because I am mainly having my lips injected. READ MORE

Sensitive Teeth from Juvederm?

Had lips plumped with Juvederm, very happy. they used dental block and topical numbing. A couple days later my two front teeth became very sensitive,... READ MORE

Juvederm injections caused severe pain to my nasolabial area, nose and upper teeth

I have had a CT of sinuses, dental x rays and exam - all normal. I've taken antibiotics and a steroid pack. I had the enzyme injections to dissolve... READ MORE

Does Juvederm numb you after days?

I had juvederm injected in to my nasial lobes and lip and after five days my lip , the left side of my nose and my teeth are numb. Is this normal? It... READ MORE

Juvaderm/ Possible chemical reaction from teeth whitening. Should I just give it time to heal? (photos)

Hello, In October 2015 I had a half syringe of Juvaderm in my upper lip. Yesterday I had a 50 minute teeth whitening treatment. I rubbed a clear gel... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra. Could my teeth grinding be the reason why my cheek fillers won't last?

I get juvederm in my lips and juvederm ultra in my cheeks. My lips havent gone down in the year its been since i last had them done. But the fillers... READ MORE

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