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Will Adding Juvederm to my Cheek Hollows Also Help Lift Some Sagging Around my Mouth ?

There is also some sagging around my jawline that is starting to appear. I am 51 years old and have great skin and look young for my age, although the... READ MORE

After Juvederm, Top Lip Developed Little Saggy Flaps - Is This Normal?

I recently had Juvederm injected (0.5CC) (5 days ago) as I wanted a fuller top lip, the sides were quite thin. The swelling has gone down but the lips... READ MORE

If Juvederm Didn't Work on my Smile Lines, What Are Some Good Alternatives? (photo)

I had to viles of Juvederm used on my smile lines. It was improved for about a month, but now it has returned to normal especially on one side. I am... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Loose Sagging Skin After Misplaced Juvederm Plus? (Photos)

I just turned 30, and ten months ago I made the mistake of going to medspa where I was injected with two vials of juvederm plus throughout my face... READ MORE

Can Juvederm Leave Skin Saggy and Loose After It Dissolves?

I received juvederm voluma in the temples. My temples were very concave and now they are very full. I don't have any lumps or bumps but my temples are... READ MORE

Is filler safe for the areas under the cheeks for loose skin around the chin? (photos)

Hi, I had juvederm voluma for my cheeks which I love. you can see when I smile the cheeks looks nice. When I do not smile, there are pockets around... READ MORE

I Would Be Very Grateful for Advice on the Definition Loss/Sagging Sking Around my Mouth/jowl Area? (photo)

I feel is quite bad for my age of 35, and it started around aged 29. I've had fillers in various places, with varying degrees of success.... READ MORE

3 weeks post op of Juvederm, my bottom lip sags a lot on one side. Is this normal? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of juvaderm in top and bottom lip 3 weeks ago. My bottom lip sags a lot on one side. I had a minimal amount placed in the bottom lip.... READ MORE

Dermal Filler Pouches?

I have a first consult coming up to discuss a dermal filler for puppet lines and , if possible sagging lower jaw.. My concern is with the pouches... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Heavy Enough to Make Skin Sag More?

If you have very thin skin under your eyes, and you have Juvederm injected into the eye trough area (just below the thin skin), Can the weight of the... READ MORE

Can You Help Smooth out my Line on my Face Especially Mouth and Under Eyes? (photos)

I have hit 30 and am noticing hollowing under my eyes and deep smile lines and sagging,they are making me very unhappy with myself and making me feel... READ MORE

Early sign of sagging face and nasolabial folds at the age of 30

I have noticed that my nasolabial getting worse and worse over the past three years. It is extremely obvious when I get up in the morning. My sleep... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of my Asymmetric Cheeks?

Hi. I had juweederm injection on my cheeks 3 years ago which ended up with bump on my right cheek and having asymmetric cheeks. and now after 3 years... READ MORE

Will Juvederm correct my shallow cheeks and sagging skin? (Photo)

Hi, I have very loose skin and shallow cheeks and while I think a facelift would be ideal, financially it's just not a possibility at the moment.... READ MORE

Juvederm did not work for early signs of jowls and nasiolabal folds. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 33 and have noticed significant loss of volume in my face and the early signs of nasolabial sagging and the appearance of lower jowls. I am very... READ MORE

More pronounced jowls after Juvederm Voluma?

I had Juvederm voluma (2 units) for my sunken cheeks done a week ago. I am very happy with results, my cheeks look much better, I had no bruising and... READ MORE

Can Juvederm injection be taken if one has a history of auto immune disorder?

I was on steroids for one year in 2013 due to Sarcoidosis. I was given steroids for that which caused moon face but later when puffiness dropped i had... READ MORE

Most reliable way to correct sunken eyes and mid face sag? (photo)

I'm a 31 yo male with significant volume loss in the mid face. I have hollow tear troughs extending into malar hollows. The sagging cheek is causing... READ MORE

I am still in a lot of discomfort after Juvederm injection a week ago. Any suggestions?

I had juvederm injection 1 week ago. Both smile line and for a sagging at chin/jaw line. My smile lines are fine with no issues. My chin however is... READ MORE

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