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Necrosis or Hematoma After Juvederm Lip Injections?

How do you know if you have recieved a hematoma vs necrosis immediately after a juvederm plus injection in the lip. There was very little Juve... READ MORE

Does this look like normal bruising 2 days out from Juvederm? (Photo)

Juvederm to smiln lines, one side bled a little while doing it, but began to form a bruise within 15 minutes. Darker, larger bruise 36 hours out.... READ MORE

How Long Will the Redness Last After Necrosis From Juvederm Has Healed?

I had juverderm applied on the labionasal areas. One side developed necrosis. After taking antibiotics it healed , the scabs are gone. now i hva... READ MORE

Is this necrosis? (Juvederm treatment for parenthesis/acne scar lines) (Photo)

Hello, recently I had Juvederm (1 syringe) done to fill some deep scars/parenthesis lines around both sides of my mouth. The treatment seemed to go... READ MORE

Should I Expect Purple Lip After Hyaluronidaze Injection?

I had Juvederm for the 20th time today. No problems in the past. But today the lower lip turned white, then dark with poor refill after blanching, so... READ MORE

Can you go blind after filler with Juvaderm to nasolabial folds?

I had filler to my nasolabial fold 7 days ago and read that it cause blindness which made me freak out big time and I need some answers: 1) can filler... READ MORE

Should I Fear the Possibility of Arterial Occlusion with Juvederm Injection?

I had a vein tied off under my eye, leaving a small scar laterally to my eye. My PS injected it with steroids when he noticed an undisolved stitch.... READ MORE

Skin necrosis or bruise below lower lip? (Photos)

Hello everyone A few hours ago I had juvederm inject.on top and bottom lips, it was the second shot(the doc kept the syringe for me for a week)so he... READ MORE

Impending skin necrosis? (Photo)

I had juvaderm injected to my nasolabial folds 48 hours ago and I'm experiencing a small white patch around one of the injection sites. How would I... READ MORE

Skin necrosis after dermal filler? (Photo)

I got dermal fillers (juvaderm 4) injected into my nasolabial folds yesterday. I've noticed that the area most filler (small lump) om the skin on top... READ MORE

Can necrosis happen after 6 weeks? Or other serious skin conditions I should look out for? (photos)

I had an inflammatory reaction on both cheeks to HA which subsided with antihistamines after 4 weeks. My ENT injector really hurt my left cheek when... READ MORE

Necrosis from Dermal Fillers in Tear Troughs?

I'm considering some dermal filler in my teat troughs as I have wide set eyes and dark circles. Hoping to decrease the shadow.I am worried out the... READ MORE

Does this look like skin necrosis or infection? (Photo)

Juverderm ultra plus injected a day ago, it started becoming red a few hours later. Then the next day started getting these little bumps with yellow... READ MORE

Am I having a Juvederm Rhinoplasty Skin Reaction - Necrosis - Hypersensitivity? (photo)

I had .3 ccs of juvederm injected into my nasal bridge 2 weeks ago. The remainder was injected into my nasiolabial folds. I've had ongoing burning... READ MORE

White, light bruises after Juvéderm in lips. Is this normal? (Photo)

Noticing a light hue to these bruises developing on lower lip 2-4 hours after injection with Juvéderm Plus. Is this just a normal start to ... READ MORE

Did I have necrosis? Am I being paranoid? Did I loose any natural collagen in my lip border/body by having fillers? (Photo)

I had some bruising after my lips fillers. The doctor used a HA based filler and told me there may be brusing. I worried I may have had necrosis.... READ MORE

Hematoma or necrosis from Juvederm lip injections? And asymmetrical lips. Any suggestions? (photos)

I tried juvederm and I am a little concerned with the results. I have really dark bruising inside and he bottom of my lip no pain. Is this hematoma,... READ MORE

Juvederm injury on chin. Does this look like necrosis? (Photo)

This is the progression of my chin after juvedern. It went from swollen to patchy to this. I am going in for removal tomorrow but am scared it may... READ MORE

How many days is too long if you've developed necrosis?

I had Juvederm a few days ago in the Nasol folds. I developed red blotchy patches on my right side. The inside of my right nostril feels dry and tight... READ MORE

Juvederm chin reaction necrosis vs infection progress (Photo)

Insertion site (darkest area) has received disolver. Two site bruises were other insertion sites with no reaction Question: continue nitro To top... READ MORE

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