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Juvederm for Laugh Lines and Expression Lines

Expression and laugh lines — can Juvederm injections fill these in and still leave someone looking natural, not like work was done? READ MORE

Massage Juvederm Injection Lump?

I had my "laugh lines" injected with Juvederm yesterday. Although there was no bruising, I got a noticeable lump on the left side close to... READ MORE

Fillers or Botox for Lines Showing Only when Laughing or Smiling?

My laugh lines are only apparent when I smile or laugh. Is it still ok for me to use Juvederm or Restylane, or do I have to use Botox? READ MORE

Juvederm Swelling 2 Weeks Ago Cheeks and Laugh Lines? (photo)

Hello, I attached some photos for you to see. Exactly 2 weeks ago and 3 days from today.....I had Juvederm injected in my laugh lines around my mouth... READ MORE

21 Years Old with Ugly Laugh Lines, Forehead Wrinkles and Under Eye Wrinkles...can This Hide It? How Long Will It Last?

That's my there anything I can do that will last?? I wanna be pretty. I feel so ugly :( I just wanna model and look amazing...Alena... READ MORE

Bruises and swelling after juvederm? (photos)

I am one day post juvederm injection in my lips and laugh this much bruising normal??? READ MORE

Will Juvederm in cheeks fix these nasolabial folds? (photo)

I am 31 and started noticing these laugh lines becoming folds lately especially after I've lost some weight! It's very upsetting seeing myself in the... READ MORE

How Much Downtime for Injectable Fillers in the Laugh Lines and Possibly Under the Eyes (Sunken in Eye Sockets)?

Would i look ok to go out the next day ? How bad is swelling/downtime for each area? I need to show my face the next day for something important... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Ultra Plus a Good Choice for Subtle Laugh Lines?

Hi. I Am 33 Years with Subtle Laugh Lines.My doctor suggested Juvederm Ultra Plus in one 0.8 syringe for both sides. Kindly advise if this would an... READ MORE

Juvederm Injected ABOVE Crease?

I had Juvederm injected today to soften my laugh lines. There was sagging cheek tissue above them, which bothered me. The doctor injected the filler... READ MORE

Juvederm for Minor Laugh Lines?

I am 31 years and I am beginning to see slight laugh lines appear. Is Juvederm a safe treatment to treat shallow lines? If yes, would an accidental... READ MORE

Is Recovery Better for a Juvederm Than Botox when Used to Reduce Laugh Lines?

Is recovery time better for a Juvederm than botox? Are the results more satisfactory for Juvederm on laugh lines? How often is Juvederm recommended... READ MORE

Will getting a hydrafacial a week after juvederm make the juvederm dissolve faster?

I recently got juvederm on my laughlines around my nose and on my lip I am getting a hydra facial in a week will it lessen the effect of juvederm or... READ MORE

Juvederm for Laugh Lines and Under Eyes?

I am looking for something for under eyes and laugh lines. Would Juvederm work for this? What is the approximate cost? READ MORE

If the Nasal Cavity is Punctured During a Juvederm Injection, Can the Result Be a Staph Infection?

I had the injection in my laugh lines Wednesday morning 8:30 am, by 9:30 I had bruising and a strange discoloration of my skin from the middle of my... READ MORE

I'm 20 Years Old. Should I fix my laugh lines? (photo)

I'm nervous to start procedures so young. However, I've been considering this for a long time. I feel like I look much older than I really am. I went... READ MORE

Why Do I Have a Thin Dark Line Down my Laugh Line Which Was Filled with Juvederm Ten Days Later? (photo)

My p.s. also told me today that this "slight bruising" could last another few weeks! said she had to work hard because line was deep.. but also that... READ MORE

What are these lines and creases?? LIP FILLERS (photos)

I got my lips done three days ago with Juvederm. I feel like my laugh lines are more pronounced now and when I pout my lips, the area between my nose... READ MORE

Blue lines after Juvederm filler around my laugh lines. Any suggestions? (photos)

It has been three weeks since I had juviderm filler on my laugh lines. I have bleu/grey lines on my right side of my mouth. Will it go away?it is not... READ MORE

I had juvederm for deep laugh lines. Its in the wrong place and is a raised in a ridge/lump. Can I smooth it by pushing my skin

I had students inject juvederm into my laugh lines. I ended up with a long raised line along side of my laugh lines from top to bottom. I look twice... READ MORE

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