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Tingling and Itchiness in Lips Post Lip Fillers (Juvederm)?

I'm on day four of having my lips enhanced with juvederm and yesterday the became very tingley and itchy?? They are also quite hard. I have had this... READ MORE

Bump/lump after Juvederm injection, what can it be? (photo)

A week ago I had juviderm lip injection. For two days I had really blue and paintful lip.. after that I noticed that I still got bump under my upper... READ MORE

Tender After 5 Weeks?

I had my top lip filled with just half a syringe of juvederm smile 5 weeks ago. I love the results, hardly any swelling or brusing!!! However the last... READ MORE

Can Your Body Reject the Filler After 4 to 6 Months? (photo)

My cheek bone have bumps on them and are very itchy almost like bug bite and feels brused and now one if my eyes is swelling the last time I had... READ MORE

I had 3 Vials of Juvederm Injected During Last Month and Now Have Itching, Burn Like Marks, Is this Normal?

I had three vials of Juvederm injected in January (one on January 6 and two on January 23). I'm very pleased with the results and I plan to go... READ MORE

Spontaneous Swelling Under Eye 34 Hours After Juveder Ultra Injected to Fill Hollows. Side Effect?

I had juvederm ultra injected under both eyes to fill hallows and thirty four hours later swelling under left eye (corner). Swelling is not at... READ MORE

Can Juvederm be causing an allergic reaction?

I got half a syringe of Juvederm injected into my lips about five to six weeks ago. Bruising was minimal however I have been dealing with peeling,... READ MORE

Can there be a delayed reaction to a lip filler? (Photo)

I had juvederm injected in my lips in late May. I have had it before with no problem. I had a lot of swelling this time but it resolved in a couple of... READ MORE

Juvederm reaction? (photos)

It's now been almost 2 months since my juvederm lip injections. Medrol dose pack relieved the entire situation for that week. It's back and... READ MORE

Why are my lips red and itchy the day after Juvederm? (photos)

I got Juvederm in my lips yesterday, 2 syringes to be exact by a famous Beverly Hil's doctor. Today is the day after (24hrs) exactly. My lips are red... READ MORE

What is wrong with my lips 3 months after juvederm? They are very painful (Photos)

Had juvederm volift in top lip over 3 mths ago.Had before in top and bottom w/ no probs,this time I get clusters of tiny red bumps which spread over... READ MORE

3 weeks after Juvederm, my eyes are still very swollen and got a pretty bad allergic reaction? (Photo)

Three weeks ago I had the Juvederm injected to the area on the both side of my eyes, tear through, face, and lip. Since then my eyes are very swollen... READ MORE

Juvederm for my tear troughs. Any suggestions?

I had 1 syringe of juvederm.the first days it was fine 2 day puffiness and itchy. What can I do. I'm using arnica gel to help and ice cold to help me... READ MORE

I have itchy lips from Juvederm, is this something to be concerned about? (Photo)

I have had juvederm lip enhancement since February 13th, this last week my lips have been really itchy. Only since this morning they have started to... READ MORE

Had 2 Juvederm injections at different times. Both times got itchy. Any ideas?

Had 2 juvederm injections at different times.. Both times got itchy.. lasted about three month then went away .it was most definatley the juvederm..... READ MORE

Lip fillers 2nd time itchy and bumps.

Hi I had fillers from the same place 4 months and straight away a lump come up with She told me to massage..went back last week had them done again... READ MORE

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