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How Long Does It Take for Juvederm Bumps to Go Away?

Is it best to postpone Juvederm treatments until the bumps from the previous injection are gone? READ MORE

How to Tell if There Are Granulomas in my Lips

Dear doctors, thank you so much for being so kind and answering our questions. can you please tell me how would i know if i have granuloma in my lips... READ MORE

5 Months After Injection, Still Have Lump from Nasolabial Fold Injection. Could It Be a Granuloma

5 months ago I had Juvederm for naso folds. I wasn't very happy with results, 1 side didn't need as much but I feel he overfilled. When he was... READ MORE

Juverderm - Lip Granuloma? (photo)

I posted a while back about sudden lip swelling a month after lip injection. I have a second episode of this. I saw a dermatologist and he says it... READ MORE

Am I Experiencing A Granuloma 8 Months Post Fillers?

My fist restylane/Juvederm injection into the nasolabial fold gave a perfect result. The second injection of restylane alone provoced after ten days... READ MORE

Juvederm to Define Lips

I had Juvederm injected into my lips to define them in May 2010. In February this year i developed a tear drop like sac running from my nose down the... READ MORE

Are these really granulomas? Could there be another cause for the fluid type lumps under my eyes? (Photo)

Last 10 years had 2 lower blephs. Last one in 2010. Was told I needed a filler. June 2011 had juvederm under eyes. 4-2012 I had an eye infection in... READ MORE

I have a foreign body granuloma on my cheek from Juvederm Ultra filler 2 months post injection, terrified (Photo)

I developed a foreign body granuloma from juvaderm ultra in cheek it's been 6 weeks around about have had one steroid injection and on oral steroids... READ MORE

Is it possible for something that feels like a granuloma to show up 3 months after Juvederm?

Having developed two granulomas from Radiesse injections, I seem to have a proclivity for these (asthma medications?). I did have one steroid shot in... READ MORE

Can I get juvederm injected in my lips if currently have granulomas from silicone oil that was injected many years ago?

Unfortunately, not being educated at the time I had silicone oil injected in my lips maybe 7 years ago. I've have the granulomas for quite some time... READ MORE

How do I heal granuloma without steroid injections? (Photo)

I have granulomas from juva derm on both cheeks which was confirmed by a biopsy ! I have had both cheeks dissolved and have had steroid injections... READ MORE

Foreign body granuloma from juvederm (Photo)

It is def a granuloma I have been assessed by a board certified plastic surgeon and I have been on antibiotics for weeks just in case I have had a ct... READ MORE

Possible granuloma from Juvederm. Booked to do a biopsy, concerned about the scarring (Photo)

Hi been battling with possible granulomas on both sides of cheek from juva derm maybe from poor placement or infection booked in to do biopsy so... READ MORE

Which doctor can help with granulomas causing systemic reaction from juvederm being injected into vein on my forehead? (Photo)

In may I was injected with juvederm between my eyebrows...5 months later a vein swelled n PS said he's never heard of such a thing... But... READ MORE

1 year old juvederm; will dissolving again help and resolve it once and for all? (Photo)

I had juva derm in both cheeks a year ago I reacted badly to it I had it dissolved twice after developing a rather large granuloma ! The right side of... READ MORE

Need a granuloma nodule removed from forehead caused by Juvederm!

I need one granuloma nodule on my forehead that has not resolved in over a year. Is there any surgeon in the houston area willing to do this simple... READ MORE

Volift: Lip filler lumps after 10 months. (Photos)

I had around 2 full sryinges of Juvederm Volift 10 months ago. My lips were a little hard to the touch and stiff but looked even. Now after 10 months... READ MORE

Can temporary filler be used to hide/smooth out possible granuloma bumps in my upper lip? (Photos)

1.5yr ago I got talked into silicon 1000 rather than fat grafting. unsure of the amount.besides a little swelling i saw zero results so i tried... READ MORE

Hurting swollen upper lip from Juvederm, granuloma that hurts with other lumps, I've been dissolved 8 times still have product.

Been getting juvederm for 4 years no prblms, got reinjected aug '16. Got granuloma swelling, got dissolved, still in pain swollen, it burns bad... READ MORE

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