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Cold Sores After Juvederm

I had Juvederm a week ago last Wednesday and have developed cold sores on lips.  My doctor called in Valtrex but it hasn't seemed to work. READ MORE

Juvederm fillers,good or bad idea? If I do get coldsores from the procedure will they be worse then usual? Duration?

I have had a history of cold sores since I was about 6/7 years old. Usually they are mild, and I dont always get them. I have gones 3 or 4... READ MORE

How soon after Juvederm injections do cold sores normally form?

Will Valtrex completely stop them from forming after treatment? Or is it just to lessen the chance of a break out? READ MORE

Can a Juvederm Lip Injection Spread a Cold Sore Across Your Lip?

I used to get a cold sore once a year on my upper left corner of my lip and have broken out twice now on my upper lip where the bubbles are spread all... READ MORE

I am prone to cold sores. If I get Juvederm in upper lip, could it trigger cold sores, and would it be dangerous?

I am prone to cold sores, if I get juvviderm in my upper lip, could it trigger cold sores. And would it be dangerous and how would it be treated? READ MORE

Can Juvederm filler remove laugh lines? What are the chances of getting shingles and/or cold sores from this?

I'm considering fillers for my laugh lines and was suggested by my PS that Juvederm would be used being that my lines very light, what concerns my is... READ MORE

Bumps after Juvederm. Will they go away?

I had 1 syringe of juvederm injected in lips on 1/7. I still have 2 bumps and it looks like I'm getting cold sores on my lips which I'm not. They look... READ MORE

Is two weeks enough healing time for lip injections?

My wedding is two weeks from my appointment date. My doctor, whom I adore and trust, says that is more than enough time to heal. However, I've never... READ MORE

Any interaction between amoxicillin, acyclovir, lip fillers & l-lysine? When to start preventative cold sore treatment?

Having 0.5ml juvederm (lips) in a week,and just got amoxicillin for a chest infection. Also,never had a proper cold sore but had tingling/burning & a... READ MORE

Coldsores or allergic reaction to lip product? (photo)

I had my lips injected with juvederm and a couple of days later developed lots of tiny clear bumps on my lips. It seemed to spread the disappear bit... READ MORE

Should I be concerned by a sore after juvederm lip injections? (Photo)

I had juvederm 5 days ago in my lips the swelling and soreness is gone but now I have what is either a cold sore or some sort of open wound, been... READ MORE

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