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Juvederm or Other Filler for Parentheses Around Mouth?

I am going to get Juvederm injected in the "parenthesss" around my mouth. My dermatologist recommended it specifically, but after reading the above... READ MORE

Juvederm in 11's After Receiving Botox For 4 Years. Experiencing Swelling and Bruising, Why?

I have had botox injections in between my eyebrows for over 4 years but still have a line that will not soften, so my Dr. suggested juvederm. Well I... READ MORE

What Wrinkle Cream is Best After Juvederm Injections Around Mouth?

I received injections for the parenthesis around my mouth. what is best wrinkle creams to use to help keep my face smooth? READ MORE

Exercise after juvederm?

Hi, I had 1 syringe of juvederm ultra 4 in masolabial folds yesterday & botox in my 11 lines. I love very intense exercise & I am very fit.... READ MORE

Purply Red After Juvederm. Causes?

I've had juvederm injection in between my eyebrows 6 days ago. Right after the needle the spot above it (around 1cm long) and also a stripe down... READ MORE

Juvederm Injections for Sunken Smile Lines. Concerns About Further Stretching?

I'm 40 years old. Even though I have avoided the sun and have nice skin; I began developing the dreaded sunken smile lines. I've had annual... READ MORE

Which injectable procedure should I get for my 11s? (Photo)

I am turning 37 in 2 weeks and I finally want to take care of these lines! I want to get the best results with minimal healing time so I cam go back... READ MORE

Raised red bump after injection in 11 region. Is it normal? Will it subside?

I have a visible raised red bump in the "11" section where I had juvederm injected about 6 hours ago. Is that normal? Will it subside? READ MORE

How much Juvaderm will be needed in my case? (photos)

I'm looking at some small fixes, A scar, 11 line between my eyebrows, nasollabial folds and a little plump in my lips. I line my lips every day to... READ MORE

Why after only 4 days are my lids sagging and my 11 between my eyes are back after Botox and filler? (photo)

I was not told drooping and puffy eye lids can happen from Botox. Dr also put filler between eyes and 11 lines are back after only 4 days. I also paid... READ MORE

Red lines between eyes (11's) after Botox then Juvederm.

Yesterday I had Botox then Juvaderm injected between my eyes for DEEP wrinkles. Today, I have two distinct red lines at the injection site-exactly... READ MORE

What injectables would you suggest to get rid of my horizontal forehead lines and 11s? (photos)

And possibly juvederm for my lips but what would a professional suggest my treatment be? Do you think I need anything else? READ MORE

Botox after Juvederm in the same area?

I treated my 11 lines with juvederm yesterday and tomorrow going to do a botox on the forehead, frown lines and crows feet. Can I have a botox in my... READ MORE

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