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Darkening of Upper Lip After 8 Seesion of IPL for Hair Removal??

I had 8 seesions IPL on my upper lip for hair removal purposes only. (fair asian skin,dark hair). I had good results,after the last session on 6 OCT... READ MORE

IPL or Photofacial for Upper Lip Pigmentation?

A couple of years ago, I noticed that the area above my upper lip was a shade darker than the rest of my face. I've been better about staying away... READ MORE

Will Darkening of Upper Lip Fade From IPL?

I am having IPL on my upper lip, I have had 8 seeions so far with good results. One day after my last seesion I noticed slight darkening of my upper... READ MORE

What is the Risk of Hyperpigmentation with IPL Treatment of Upper Lip?

I am of Sri Lankan origin so I have medium brown skin. I am planning on undertaking IPL treatment on my upper lip, but have heard there is a risk of... READ MORE

If I shaved my upper lip before IPL, do I need to shave it between treatments? Or will the hair fall out?

At the salon they shaved my upper lip before the session and now (day after treatment) im starting to feel "stubble" (but im super detailist and... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Facial Hyperpigmentation That Was Caused by IPLs?

The Obagi New Derm product does not work well for inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by IPLs. I wonder if a higher dose of Hydroquinone such as 6%... READ MORE

IPL After Rhinoplasty

Dear Doctor, I am considering moustache IPL treatment and I had a nose job around 7 months ago. I know most parts do not effect the nose but really... READ MORE

How can I get rid of pigmentation around lip area? (Photo)

Since I started waxing&threading my upper lip it's darkened while developing into a shadow"moustache"can't go out without covering with tons of... READ MORE

Will IPL Help Red Marks from TCA Peel, Exacerbated by Fraxel?

2 years ago I had a series of 3 TCA-peels which I was very pleased with, except for some red streaks left on my upper lip, exactly where I had tiny... READ MORE

Would IPL be best for me?

I have quite dark upper lip hair as i am mixed race, i am reasonably tanned for that reason, i have tried waxing and threading and am now trying hair... READ MORE

IPL burned me 3 days ago! I'm devastated, how long will this take to heal? (Photos)

3 days ago, I got second degree burns from a too aggressive IPL treatment. I went back to the dr and he prescribed hydrocortisone and told me not... READ MORE

I Have Done IPL on my Upper Lip Today and I Have Been Having a Throat and Inner Nose Burning Sensation and Feeling Fatigue. Why?

Did the light go through my nose and cause this tiredness and itching burning feeling in my inner nose and inside the throat? Im talking internal side... READ MORE

IPL laser done on the face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I got an IPL done yesterday on my upper lip and it is still a little red, how long does it take for the red blotchy patches to go away? READ MORE

IPL/photofacial and residual light melasma?

I was on bc pills for 10 years and developed upper lip melasma towards the end. Since going off 2 years ago it has faded and is now barely noticeable... READ MORE

I have pigmentation on my upper lip. I had an IPL treatment two weeks ago, but haven't seen any difference?

How many treatments do I need and how many weeks between each treatment I need to get the best result? READ MORE

I have recently had IPL treatment on my upper lip and my fillings (mercury) seem sensitive since. Any suggestions?

Should I be concerned and can I continue with treatment? Would you suggest a barrier between my teeth and the IPL machine. READ MORE

Does IPL Work on Indian Skin and is IPL or Lightsheer Diode, Better?

Hi. . i am going for the ipl laser...with frequency they r giving me frequency 20...this time on ma fifth session dey give me READ MORE

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