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Will the Burn Marks Disappear on my Leg After IPL Treatment?

I had IPL treatment on 16 April 11, nearly two weeks, the burn marks are getting darker, no sign of disappearance. I extremely concern these will... READ MORE

Upset and Very Scared After Ipl. Afraid my Face is Ruined. Eyes Are Swollen Shut and Bruising.

I received ipl yesterday for a few broken capillaries on my cheeks and a couple patches of over pigmentation due to hormone replacement therapy. I am... READ MORE

Symptoms Directly After IPL Treatment Was Very Different at New Salon, Could This Mean it Wasn't as Effective?

Hello,I have hair removal laser treatment on my body & during the session I can smell the burn of hairs & right after a session I have red... READ MORE

Will my face ever recover from IPL laser treatments? (Photo)

I completed 5 treatments. Each 5-6 wk apart. The first 3 were ok. The 4th one I noticed my skin texture changing. As the days passed my skin became... READ MORE

Redness and Burning Normal 24hours After IPL?

I had an IPL treatment 24 hours ago at a spa that has an IPULSE IPL machine that does no more than 19joules. This is not my first treatment with an... READ MORE

Should I be Concerned of Potentially Being Burned During IPL Hair Removal Treatments?

Hi, everyone. Recently I bought a voucher online to do 6sessions IPL hair removal treatments. I went to my first treatment today. My skin was not... READ MORE

Why do dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons who dispense laser and light therapy dismiss that there can be negative side affects?

I underwent a series of 6 IPL treatments for burning pain of rosacea and reduce redness. Sessions were very effective for removing the red and... READ MORE

I had IPL/ND Yag laser treatment on face to treat a vascular type birthmark on my face? (photo)

I experienced extreme swelling, burning and blistering. It has been almost 6 days and my face is still oozing pink and orange fluid with blisters. I... READ MORE

Losing Hair on Head After 7 IPL Treatments, Had Lots of Facial Swelling and Blisters, Is this Permanent?

I had 7 IPL treatments...I was "zapped" quite a lot each time... I would have lots of facial swelling and a couple of times there were... READ MORE

Should you feel a burning sensation on the skin soon after the treatment and the scabs when it heal should it appear whitish?

I did ipl training just the other day and I had a burning sensetion on the area worked on now I have scabs and they peel off leaving the whitish... READ MORE

Am I still suitable for IPL after experiencing a heat rash? (photos)

My 1st session went well and I saw improvement on my skin. Right after my 2nd session, my face was itchy and burning, at night it started appearing... READ MORE

Did BP damage my skin permanently? (photos)

Used BP for a year till I developed eczema . Now I am left with a ring of redness and extremely dry, tight and burning skin around my mouth despite... READ MORE

Will I have permanent marks on face after having done my IPL Hair removal treatment today? (photos)

I had my second IPL session treatment today done on my facial cheeks and ended up with a burning left cheek for over an hour. I believe the tech had... READ MORE

6 weeks post op IPL treatment, have burning skin, has it triggered rosacea, a photo toxic reaction, skin damage. Any suggestion?

Had ipl before & fine for cheek flushing - was taking azythro & coamoxiclav abx - had Lumenis ipl. Has been 6 wks- was ok for 2 but now my face burns,... READ MORE

I Have Done IPL on my Upper Lip Today and I Have Been Having a Throat and Inner Nose Burning Sensation and Feeling Fatigue. Why?

Did the light go through my nose and cause this tiredness and itching burning feeling in my inner nose and inside the throat? Im talking internal side... READ MORE

Bruised or burned after IPL session. Is it permanent? (Photo)

I had a session of ipl yesterday. I had ipl sessions before and they were always turned up fine. However with this last one, I notice that one... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Painful Burning After IPL Treatment?

I have had 11 IPL treatments on my under arms but this last treatment i had this morning is painful and burning to the extent i have smothered in... READ MORE

IPL & bad 24/7 flushing & burning face only where I had the IPL ? On doxycycline for infection NO ROSACEA. IPL 4 fine lines.

Had 2 IPL sessions while on Doxycycline.The first time I turned pink and started to flush & burn in about 24 hours. Had another IPL session about 3... READ MORE

Hot Sensation and Soreness on Nose Days After IPL?

I had IPL done on my nose 4 days ago and i continue to feel a slight burning sensation on the sides of my nose. I have had IPL once before and Vbeam... READ MORE

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