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Lost Invisalign Tray - Can I Advance Early?

I'm away at college and lost current tray after wearing one week. I don't have previous trays either. Called dr. on Wed. for advice and was... READ MORE

Invisalign Tray 1 Lost on Day 2. Is It Ok to Advance to Tray 2?

I lost my top tray on Day 2 of the first set and my upper teeth are pretty straight to start with. The next tray fits ok with a little pressure on my... READ MORE

If I Break a Pair of my Invisalign, Can I Move on to the Next Tray?

Today someone accidentally threw away my Invisalign which I've been wearing for about 3 and a half days, so I tried to clean them with hot water,... READ MORE

Is There Long Term Damage Done when Skipping 5 Invisalign Trays?

I'm a 27 year old woman who has never had braces in the past. I'm currently doing the Invisalign treatment. I've completed trays 1-6 wearing each tray... READ MORE

Invisalign tray skipped accidentally-should I go back and use it now?

Hello, I have skipped a tray #14 and now I am almost done with a tray #15, which I have been wearing for 2 weeks and should replace today. Yesterday I... READ MORE

My Dentist Asked Me to Skip a Tray. is There a Problem?

When the video came back, I saw that the whole treatment will have 17 trays(both upper & lower), my dentist extended it to 26 trays so i won't... READ MORE

Will my Teeth Ever Settle Despite Inadequate Invisalign Use?

In using Invisalign for over a year, I have become lazy, using my aligners usually only at night and at most half of a day. Will my teeth ever settle,... READ MORE

I've Lost Aligner 11? What Shall I Do?

Hi, Please can you help me? I am half way through (1 x week) into aligner 11 when the cleaners at work accidentally through it out. My dentist has... READ MORE

Do I Need to Schedule an Emergency Visit with Orthodontist?

I'm being treated currently with invisalign. I'm 22 years old. I am on my last trays with my top and bottom teeth, and my appointment is in... READ MORE

Any harm done when moving to the next tray 1 week early?

I lost my aligners today. Tray 10, of 16 upper/20 lower. I was one week in so I requested my doctor to provide me with tray 11. His recommendation was... READ MORE

Can I skip a set of trays?

Cutting a long story short I lost my 5/18 trays, can I advance on to no.6? I can't find the 4th set and they don't seem too uncomfortable. What damage... READ MORE

Is it normal to skip Invisalign trays?

On Monday, i went to my dentist wearing tray #30 which i put on two days ago. He then put tray #34 on me and told me to wear #34 and #35 for three... READ MORE

Would you recommend to skip to next tray after losing previous Invisalign tray or not putting on in until you see the Ortho?

My daughter just received her 3rd tray with attachments. After one day of wear.. She lost them. Her previous tray will not fit because of the... READ MORE

Is there any consequences for skipping a step in clear correct treatment. I am on step 5 of 12 but skipped to 6 of 12.

The next tray in my plan came with one that was correct while one that was a couple steps ahead. My dentist said that I could try using the next ones... READ MORE

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