My Dentist Asked Me to Skip a Tray. is There a Problem?

When the video came back, I saw that the whole treatment will have 17 trays(both upper & lower), my dentist extended it to 26 trays so i won't feel as painful. My dentist told me to skip a tray(from 9 to 11) and he didn't give me any explanations. When I asked the nurse, she said that my progress was good and up to speed, it's ok to skip a tray. My guess was they've lost my tray 10. Is there a problem if I skip one? or should i get it back?

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I too have never asked a patient to skip a try and the only feasible reason to do this would be if the treating doctor had initially requested for the movement to be cut in half, as indicated by Dr Timmerman.

I wouldn't hesitate to ask the doctor why they are comfortable "skipping a tray". Each tray has specific movement built into it. If that movement is not achieved then it can actually create undesirable movement and worsen the position of the teeth over time.

One skip is likely not a big deal IF you are being diligent with your hours of wear, everyday, every tray.

Chesterfield Orthodontist

Skipping a single Invisalign aligner likely not a big deal

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I have not done this and I have not asked anyone to do so, but it likely will work just fine, especially if the movements are half as much as normal.  However, I would not make it a habit, as subsequent aligners MAY not track as anticipated.

Skip a tray

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I can't think of any reason why he/she would tell you to skip a tray...If it was just to move things along faster (as the additional alignerswould result in less movement per aligner) then I might tell you to wear each one 10 days, but not just skip one random aligner....sounds like they lost an should be ok with the reduced movement...just make sure you wear the next one extra well!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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