My Dog Chewed Up my First Set of Invisalign Bottom Tray. I Have Been Wearing Them for a Week and 2 Days? it okay to proceed to the next set of trays so soon?

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How soon should you move to the next Invisalign tray if your dog chews up your tray in nine days?

At a week and 2 days, you may be able to move to the new aligner. Assuming that you know how to check if the next tray fits well or not, you can check and move on if everything is ok. I would however advise you to call your dentist and let them know what happened, and schedule an appointment to verify if necessary.

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My dog chewed my invisalign tray, can I move on to the next tray...

It depends.  Try the new tray in and see if they fit. If they fit, you should be able to move to the next tray without consequence.  If it does not fit then you need to call your dentist and tell them what happened


Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Smiling Fido!

I think that if the dog wore the next set for two weeks it would even things out. I also think if you eat a few dog  treats, you might be getting even with your dog!

R. Scott Smith, DMD
Springfield Orthodontist
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