Invisalign tray skipped accidentally-should I go back and use it now?

Hello, I have skipped a tray #14 and now I am almost done with a tray #15, which I have been wearing for 2 weeks and should replace today. Yesterday I discovered that the tray #14 was skipped and now I am not sure what should I do - go to the tray #14 and then wear the tray #15 again or just proceed to a tray #16. I have noticed that the tray #15 was a little bit more painful, but it seems that it fits me ok.

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Accidentally skipped Invisalign tray

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Hello there,
I would definitely advise not going back to tray #14.  You should contact your dentist; he/she will likely tell you to remain in tray #15 an extra two weeks or tell you not to worry about it and continue to #16.  I have had patients skip a tray before and I usually have them wear the current tray longer, to make sure that we are not rushing the teeth.  Typically, when teeth are moved too fast, it can cause tooth root resorption.  Mistakes happen, but please try to pay closer attention to your tray numbers so that you do not damage your teeth and roots.


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The best way to know if you can proceed is for you to go to your dentist who is doing your Invisalign and have him see how well your current #15 tray aligner is fitting. If it is fitting well you can proceed, if not, you may have to go back to #14.

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