If I Break a Pair of my Invisalign, Can I Move on to the Next Tray?

Today someone accidentally threw away my Invisalign which I've been wearing for about 3 and a half days, so I tried to clean them with hot water, which deformed the top one. I have my next tray, and it seems to fit. Should I move on to my next tray?

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Ideally aligners should be worn for two weeks at a time

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Since you had only worn one aligner for 3 days, it is likely best to go back to the most recent aligner and contact your dentist to have them remake the lost aligner.  Had you been past one week in the aligner, you could probably fudge and move to the next one, but with only 3 days in you may compromise the case.  It MIGHT work, but you would assume all of the risk should it not.

Invisalign Retainer

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The safe play would be to let your dentist order a new set while you continue to wear the previous set.  Then continue along your path of treatment.

Treatment interruption with broken invisalign trays

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Whether or not you can go on to the next set of invisalign trays depends on how far along you are with your current trays.  If you're only a few days into the trays and they break, you need to have your dentist order a new pair while you go back to the previous set.  But if you're only a few days from going on to the next set, you should be able to switch.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist


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Better call your dentist. After only 3 days, you would normally go back to the previous aligners and order a new set.

Dr Sue Wendling

Sue Wendling, DMD
Portland Dentist

You Might Try the Next Tray Out and See How it Goes

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I'd try moving on to the next tray, and really sock them in for the next week with the aligner chewies to minimize any potential problems. I'd also wear them for 3 weeks instead of the prescribed two.

There is the potential for your teeth to begin not tracking with your aligners, and moving in a direction that you do not want, so I would schedule an appointment with your orthodontist so see how the jump in aligners works out with moving your teeth.

Next time you want to clean your aligners, avoid hot water (I have seen people put them in the dishwasher which is also not good). One easy way to get them clean is go to the store and pick up a denture cleanser and follow the instructions to disinfect the aligners (there are other ways to get them clean but this is the simplest).

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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