Sensitivity + Invisalign

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IPR Needed for Invisalign?

I heard it often require IPR. I've already filed down my teeth when I wore braces before. In this case, will the IPR cause sensitivity? READ MORE

Will Teeth Feel Tender/sensitive Right After Finishing Invisalign?

How long after invisalign does it take for a person to be able to eat hard foods like an apple without cutting it in little pieces? My front teeth... READ MORE

Sensitivity to Cold w/ Invisalign

I am almost done with my treatment. Recently, I started to have a very strong sensitivity to cold on the tooth that needed the most movement. Even the... READ MORE

Tray doesn't fit anymore. There is a gap between the tray and my lateral incisors, and sensitivity in my left canine. (Photo)

Hi, I'm on tray 14 and with the 13th tray my upper tray stopped fitting and it's getting worse. Between tray and lateral incisors is a gap that's... READ MORE

Teeth Shaving for Invisalign?

I had a consult and was given my treatment plan. My dentist told me that I would need 0.5mm shaved in between 9 teeth. Is this excessive? Can this be... READ MORE

Increased teeth sensitivity since Invaslign started, is this normal?

Ever since I started invisalign about 6 weeks ago, when I take them out to eat, it hurts so much to bite food. My teeth are extremely sensitive. It's... READ MORE

Is my Invisalign killing my tooth? Or weakening the enamel? My front tooth is changing colour to a grey/clear colour.

My front right tooth has been VERY sensitive. If cold air blows on it when I'm walking or just drinking water. I've noticed in in the past 3 weeks and... READ MORE

Tooth Shaved Down for Invisilign but Now It's Really Sensitive?

I needed IPR in between two of my bottom teeth. After I noticed some pain around the teeth when I drank ice water. I started trying to avoid any hot... READ MORE

Tray 1 Day 4. Is it possible that my teeth have already moved to where they need to be with these aligners?

Today is my 4th day with my invisalign, I had experienced quite a bit of pressure and sensitivity on day 2, and not so much today. Is it possible that... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign if I have Sensitive Gums and 3 Root Canals?

I'm in my mid 40s and considering Invisalign treatment. I have sensitive gums and already have 3 root canal. I'm thinking of this treatment... READ MORE

Is sensitivity to temperature after tooth shaving normal? (Photo)

Hello! I'm in the middle of my invisalign tx. Over the past few months ice had normal mouth pain from the teeth moving which I expected. Last Tuesday,... READ MORE

Invisalign hurts my root canal. Any suggestions?

I got my Invisalign today. It hurts 25 where a root canal was done a year ago. The tooth was always sensitive as are all my teeth. I cant bite ice... READ MORE

Spilled Dental Etch and Sensitivity?

I just had Invisilign started, and in the process of my first visit, my Dentist spilled "dental etch" in my mouth (it tastes horrible, btw), and now,... READ MORE

My teeth became very sensitive after attachment removal. Did my doctor overshave my tooth? What should I do?

Hi, i just finished my mid course adjustment for the invisalign, my doctor shaved off the old attachments and put on the new ones, however one tooth... READ MORE

If I need a crown replaced during Invisalign treatment, will I need to have all new trays made?

I started invisalign treatment 8 days ago. in the last 2 days, I have started getting extreme sensitivity to cold on one of my upper back molars that... READ MORE

I just had my attachments taken off my top teeth (need a refinement) and teeth that had the attachments are very sensitive.

I can't even think about drinking anything cold, the sensitivity is too much! Is this normal? Will it go away? Thank you. READ MORE

Sensitivity after Invisalign attachment placed on tooth?

I got my attachments put on yesterday and they didn't really explain the process or the materials involved. One tooth has two attachments, one at the... READ MORE

Is it abnormal to have a tooth feel "sensitive" and "cold" during Invisalign treatment?

I am on my 8th tray of invisalign (using acceledent). During my last tray my front right tooth started having a strange feeling - not quite pain, but... READ MORE

Is there supposed to be tooth sensitivity when I take out my Invisalign? It's short lived, but hurts :-( Thanks for the help.

When I take them out to eat or brush or just anything, whenever I bite on food, not hard food or anything, I have a few teeth that really hurt. Hurt... READ MORE

Can invisalign cause gum pain and sensitivity to cold on 1 tooth with attachment?

I am on tray 11 of 16 and over the past 2 days I have had EXTREME sensitivity to cold on 1 tooth near the gum. I went to the orthodontist today and he... READ MORE

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