Sensitivity after Invisalign attachment placed on tooth?

I got my attachments put on yesterday and they didn't really explain the process or the materials involved. One tooth has two attachments, one at the top and one at the very bottom. Since it was placed on I've had extreme sensitivity to cold, hot and even touch. I'm concerned that when the dentist smoothed the bracket he nicked my tooth. Has anyone else experienced this sensitivity?

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Likely temporary

when bonding is placed in a tooth it's typically to stimulate movement on that tooth. It's not unusual that those teeth will be hyper sensitive because they're being moved. This means even the most gentle of stimuli such as touch or temperature change will trigger a response. This sensitivity should subside within days... if a week goes by and the tooth is still sensitive I'd recommend checking back with your dentist. It might need to be desensitized or adjusted 

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