Why do I feel no discomfort or pain in my Invisalign Aligners?

Hi! I am on my second tray of aligners when I first put them on 5 days ago I felt no pain or discomfort and I still don't. But on my first pair of trays my teeth were very sensitive. Am I doing something wrong with my procedure? Or are my aligners not working? Thank you for answering :)

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Aligner discomfort

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It is common to feel more "tightness" of some aligners more than others. Each aligner tray has a small amount of tooth movement programmed into it. It may be occurring in different areas that you do not feel as sensitive to. It is very important that the desired tooth movement is achieved with each aligner before moving on to the next one, otherwise at some point it won't fit and then it won't be doing its job.

Keep up the good work -- it seems like you are very compliant and aware of what is going on. You will be super happy with the outcome!


Dr. Pam

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