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Is Invisalign Safe for a Crowned Tooth with Root Canal?

I had a root canal performed on my front tooth 10 years ago. In my Clincheck for Invisalign, I saw that this is the tooth that will be moving up a... READ MORE

Can I Get a Root Canal if I Wear Invisalign?

Can i have it done while having Invisalign treatment? one of my front teeth is discolored and they said i need it done in order to fix the color. READ MORE

Invisalign and Root Canal

I have invisalign and now i need a root canal. will it effect my invisalign? READ MORE

Is Invisalign a Risk for Root Resorption on a Tooth That Has Been Knocked out and Had a Root Canal?

About five years ago my upper front tooth was partially knocked out and i recieved a root canal. The tooth is still slightly loose but no signs of... READ MORE

I Needed a Root Canal but Ignored the Fact. I Am on my 2nd Week of Invisalign and my Tooth Hurts. Should I Wait a Whole Year?

6 months ago my Dentist suggested I had a cavity that needed to be removed but could possibly lead to a root canal. I was in no pain so I decided to... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign if I have Sensitive Gums and 3 Root Canals?

I'm in my mid 40s and considering Invisalign treatment. I have sensitive gums and already have 3 root canal. I'm thinking of this treatment... READ MORE

I am 62 & did Invisalign last yr. The dr said it would take 1 1/2 yrs but stopped abruptly after xrays after 1 yr. Why?

My regular dentist yesterday (during a root canal on a bottom tooth) said it could take 5 yrs for adults (which the ortho never mentioned who even... READ MORE

Can Invisalign pull off a cemented cap tooth? (Photo)

Hi, I recently (yesterday) got my clear correct aligners (Invisalign) and I have a cemented crown as my front tooth which I had put in place after a... READ MORE

I Have Six Root Canals. One is on a Front Tooth Which is Fracture. Have Two Missing Teeth is It Safe to Get Invisalign?

Hello, I have to molars that are missing. I would like to get implants for those. In addition, I would like to get veneers in the front teeth but one... READ MORE

Invisalign hurts my root canal. Any suggestions?

I got my Invisalign today. It hurts 25 where a root canal was done a year ago. The tooth was always sensitive as are all my teeth. I cant bite ice... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign Brace with 10year Old Root Canals? (photo)

Hi, Invisalign braces be taken when I have 10year old RCTd teeth 24 and 25 for closing diastema. Also I have a crown on RCTd lower right 2nd molar.... READ MORE

Remove Molar Overcrowding Invisalign?

I have had a root canal & a crown on one of my back bottom molars years ago. Now that tooth has gone bad. I'll need an implant. That's going to be... READ MORE

Should I Have a Revision of Partial Root Canal Before Invisalign?

Hi I had a partial root canal done on tooth #14 about 10 years ago. I did not have any pain in the tooth except a few months ago after the wisdom... READ MORE

Front tooth broken in half due to trauma. What are my options? Will I still be able to continue my Invisalign treatment? (Photo)

I had a pretty bad fall and have broken my front tooth in half leaving the nerve exposed. I had the nerve covered at a dentist but the covering has... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work on crowns with metal dental post and core buildup?

I'm currently on my first Invisalign tray. 3 years ago, I fell and badly chipped one of my upper incisors. That tooth ended up needing a root canal,... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Get my Root Canals Taken out (2) and Invisalign?

I had 2 of my lower miles eventually brake in pieces. I have never been to the dentist so I know I may have a couple cavities too. And I would like to... READ MORE

Upper and lower crowding: Am I a good candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I have crowding on the top and bottom. I am missing my 1st molar on both sides of my mouth from root canals gone wrong. I am just wondering whether I... READ MORE

Horrible issues after invisalign, can I ask for refund?

I finished all trays but got severe bite problem. None of my upper premolar teeth fit with the lower ones. Orthodontist asked me to pull all the... READ MORE

Is invisalign safe to wear immediately after a front tooth root canal?

I only had 4 trays left of my invisalign round and had to have a sudden root canal because my nerves began dying on my front left tooth. I had the... READ MORE

Is it safe to wear Invisalign after front teeth trauma? (photos)

My daughter (16Y) had a front teeth trauma, one week after her braces came off. One tooth has gotten a root canal, the other is still vital. She... READ MORE

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