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Can I Get a Refund After Invisalign Impressions Are Made?

I recently attended a consult for Invisalign. I was told at that appointment I should be able to have my invisalign at a (staff rate) being half... READ MORE

Not Happy With Invislign Results, Can I Get A Refund, Or Normal Braces?

I'm 15, & about a year ago my dentist told me i was the perfect canidate for invisalign, i had crowded teeth, & he showed me the before... READ MORE

Can I get a refund if invisalign didn't work for me?

I'm now at the end of my first refinement with invisalign but still it didn't resolve my midline and bite issues. My dentist isn't an orthodontist.... READ MORE

How to Get an Invisalign Refund?

I finished treatment with Invisalign.  My teeth are still crooked with a space between my front teeth. Has anyone in Calif. pursued getting any... READ MORE

Can I Get my Money Back if I Am Not Happy with the Results of Invisalign?

I have had treatment from own dentest for invisalgn, one year on my teeth are slipping back to the way they were before treatment, im not happy as i... READ MORE

I want to cancel my Invisalign treatment at my dentist, but was told I cant? Despite my proper molds not being taken?

I signed for Invisalign, 2k downpayment. I get my impressions done. Was told to wait 3 weeks for my aligners to come in. 3 weeks are here, instead I... READ MORE

Can You Get a Refund Following an Unsuccessful Invisalign Treatment?

I started Invisalign over a year ago, and now after the 16+ months and 1 refinement, the Dentist came back to me and said that the results I want (2mm... READ MORE

Who's responsible for the mistakes with my Vivera retainers?

At the end of my Invisalign treatment my dentist and I were both happy with the results. I switched from the last aligner to my first set of Vivera... READ MORE

I Find It Difficult to Breathe with Invisalign and May Be Allergic

I've had the invisalign for 2 weeks and begin feeling the symptoms after a day and a half. Can I Get a Refund? READ MORE

Braces - Can I Get Refund?

I am 10 months into my 18 month treatment plan and my orthodontist is moving away. So now what? He said I can have this other lady take over, but I do... READ MORE

Any Chance I Might Get my Money Back?

If both my invislign treatment ($4,000) and tmj treatment ($2,500) fails? I have been 3 months into my invislign treatment and i have yet to see even... READ MORE

Transferring Invisalign case -- only left with Vivera retainers that I had paid for years ago. Can I transfer the case?

I just moved from NYC to SF and will complete my full invisalign course in 8 weeks' time. However, I paid up front for vivera retainers with my... READ MORE

Can I get a refund on my Invisalign because it did not work?

I have had Invisalign for two years now with two refinements. Still, my teeth look no where near good enough for me to be satisfied. I have tried... READ MORE

Denying refund for fully paid Invisalign treatment that I did not finish. Demanding $1,000 to open case again. Is this right?

About half way through treatment I was unable to continue wearing my trays (unable to take pain meds during back to back pregnancies). When I got back... READ MORE

I am very unhappy with my Invisalign treatment. Can I get a refund and get braces?

I went through the Invisalign process with a dentist- not an orthodontist. I have been left in the dark so to speak for the entire process, and my... READ MORE

Canceling after first set of trays?

I've had a financial hardship occur since I signed my invisalign contract and I was wondering if I could cancel and get a refund and if so what... READ MORE

I have had four refinements with Invisalign, and very unhappy with result. Is there anyway I can get a refund or something?

I have had invisalign for about four years and have had four sets of refinements since my initial invisalign set. My dentist said I was a perfect... READ MORE

Horrible issues after invisalign, can I ask for refund?

I finished all trays but got severe bite problem. None of my upper premolar teeth fit with the lower ones. Orthodontist asked me to pull all the... READ MORE

Paid 50% deposit, Didn't sign anything less than 24 hours requesting refund but refused?

Hi There I went in for a consultation yesterday 4:30pm for invisalign and got convinced to go ahead with treatment and moulds were taken. I paid a 50%... READ MORE

If I'm unhappy with my teeth after Invisalign, can I ask for a partial refund?

1st time - wired braces. 2nd time - invisalign. Back for a 3rd time w/ invisalign. After my 1st set of trays, gap didn't close & one tooth is high... READ MORE

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