Not Happy With Invislign Results, Can I Get A Refund, Or Normal Braces?

i'm 15, & about a year ago my dentist told me i was the perfect canidate for invisalign, i had crowded teeth, & he showed me the before & after pictures, & i was very pleased. after getting 4 teeth pulled, i started wearing my trays. i wore every single one, except when eating. i've reached my last tray & i'm not pleased at all! my teeth still look TERRIBLE! my parents pay a lot of money for this, over 7k, can we get a refund, or regular braces with no extra cost?

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Not happy with Invisalign Result

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Sorry that you are unhappy with your results.  Many times with Invisalign when you reach the end of the initial treatment refinement needs to be done to correct any areas that did not move as expected.  Speak to your dentist to find out about refinement.  Best of luck to you

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Unhappy with Invisalign results in extraction case

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 In order to successfully complete extraction treatment, the teeth adjacent to the extraction sites must be moved through the bone in such a way that they do not tip.  Both the crown of the tooth and the root tip deep in the bone have to move equally.  It is very difficult for Invisalign to accomplish this, but easily done with braces.  I suggest you speak with your doctor and ask what the plan is to finish your case.  When it is done, x-rays should show that the teeth are not tipped and the roots are parallel.  I'm sure your doctor will be able to accomplish this, but it might involve the use of braces. 

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Unsatisfactory Invisalign results

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I think all the dentists and orthodontists that have answered have agreed that you need to sit down with the dentist and your parents and discuss where do you go from here.  The good news is there are several options and part of any good Invisalign treatment is to do the necessary refinements at the end to make sure the result is as planned.  It still may be able to be done with Invisalign, but traditional braces may be more effective.  You also may have some jaw growth issues to look at as you are young enough that that could affect results.  Be patient and calm and discuss your desire to get the best results and your willingness to do what is needed, and I am sure your dentist will do the right thing by you.  Good luck!

Not happy with Invisalign Results

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First of all I feel badly that you are not happy with your Invisalign results.  Invisalign is a great system that with proper planning and good patient wear of the aligners, predictable excellent results should occur.  I am concerned that four teeth were removed prior to the Invisalign treatment.  There are many reasons for this concern, but extractions create a much more difficult problem for aligners to correct.  Although I can not evaluate your situation without proper records, and since the teeth are already removed,  I more than likely would recommend your treatment be completed with braces.  Now the question remains, who pays for the cost of the braces?  I believe the orthodontist who did the treatment should finish up the work with the braces, as I believe most reasonable orthodontists would agree and do the work at no additional cost to you.  Sometimes if things don't work out with an approach we still need to do the right thing and take great care of each patient even though we may at times lose money doing so.  There is a higher calling than just monetary profit.  Good luck to you!

Invisalign treatment finished and not happy.

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Your concern is very legit, but the causes for this are many. Moving teeth like anything else in medicine is not an exact science. Sometimes even with best intentions things don't work out 100%. What you should do is go back to your doctor and explain exactly what has not worked out with the treatment. If you notice it so will they and they will do everything to get the best results. With invisalign this may mean a refinement or very rarely a correction with normal braces. Best of luck.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Unhappy with invisalign treatment

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Of course I have no idea of what your initial problem was nor of the final results.  Nonetheless, if you had extraction of four PERMANENT teeth, this would be an extremely difficult treatment to do with Invisalign only

. Certainly in my office, if I couldn't get a good correction with Invisalign, I would finish the patient in braces at no extra cost to them....fortunately, I have rarely had to do this!

You absolutely need to talk to your doctor, explain what you feel isn't right and hopefully he/she will fix what needs to be fixed!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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