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How Common is IPR (Tooth Shaving) with Invisalign?

I have read a lot of Invisalign reviews and stories. I have found that it is fairly common that people mention IPR or the process of shaving down... READ MORE

IPR Needed for Invisalign?

I heard it often require IPR. I've already filed down my teeth when I wore braces before. In this case, will the IPR cause sensitivity? READ MORE

Is There a Way That Enamel Lost from Interproximal Reduction (IPR) Can Be Regrown?

I had Invisalign for a brief period but wasn't happy with how things were looking but I had already undergone some IPR. My orthodontist who... READ MORE

How Much IPR Can Be Done to One Tooth?

A disadvantage of using a big ortho group. Finished invisalign; had refinement to close a black triangle between2 front teeth. Different ortho did IPR... READ MORE

Invisalign and Black Triangles?

I am currently halfway through my invisalign process. I had IPR done in four different spots on my top teeth approximately 8 weeks ago. The gap... READ MORE

IPR Before or After Invisalign?

I have read that dentists are doing IPR (Interproximal Reduction) near the END of Invisalign treatment, but my dentist is proposing doing this FIRST... READ MORE

Avoid IPR by Widening Arch?

Can IPR be avoided by widening or reshaping the arch of top and bottom teeth during refinement? I already had over 4 mm of IPR total done during the... READ MORE

Did my dentist do botched my IPR job? (photos)

Please see pictures for specifics. In your opinion, did my dentist do IPR too early in my treatment (ie. didn't wait until the contact points were... READ MORE

Is It Common for the Assistant to Perform IPR and Place Attachements

In my ortho office, assistants perform the IPR and place attachments, rather than the orthodontist himself. Is that common? READ MORE

Can IPR Fix Protruding Big Teeth?

I had braces years ago. Problem is, my front teeth are big, wide, and look like horse teeth! From the front they look too straight and they protrude... READ MORE

Does the timing of IPR with Invisalign have to be exact?

Is it okay for Invisalign "scheduled" IPR to be done slightly early. For example, if Invisalign calls for IPR at tray 9, could it instead be done at a... READ MORE

IPR or Extraction for Invisalign Treatment: Which is better? (Photo)

My ortho gave me 2 options to bring in my teeth with Invisalign: extractions or IPR. I was told that with IPR, because of my over jet, it will not... READ MORE

Are dark spaces normal after Interproximal Reduction (IPR) during Invisalign treatment? (photos)

I received 2 - 3mm IPR prior to receiving my first set of Invisalign Retainers. After 2 weeks I have spaces at the gum line that appear to be greater... READ MORE

Does IPR during Invisalign treatment lead to increased cavities due to the protective enamel being removed during IPR?

I recently started my Invisalign treatment and was told by my dentist that I would eventually need IPR. However, I have seen on several websites... READ MORE

My Clincheck shows a black triangle. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm currently on the first tray of my Invisalign treatment. I asked to approve my Clincheck before the trays were made, but the tech never told my... READ MORE

IPR of 0.5mm. Is this noticeable when you smile?

I have been given my dental plan for my invisalign treatment which includes the use of IPR on each of my top teeth of 0.5mm. I am getting married in a... READ MORE

IPR gap still there after refinement period. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have finished my invisalign lite and the refinement period.... my dentist did some IPR on my front teeth and there is still a noticeable gap between... READ MORE

Can a 10mm overbite be corrected with 10mm of IPR spaced out between all teeth with Invisalign? (photo)

IPR is supposedly going to be done throughout the treatment not before. What do you guys think? READ MORE

I'm currently undergoing Invisalign treatment on aligner 5 or 22. To receive aligner 4 & 9 I was told I would need slenderizing?

Lower incisors and laterals were IPR'd (slenderized) The Orthodontist is targeting upper incisors, laterals, and canine on the IPR. I do NOT want to... READ MORE

Recent Invisalign IPR over spec. 5mm measured at .75mm. What can I do about it? (Photo)

Recently completed my first IPR. Soon after I wondered if the gap was larger than the programmed .5mm reduction for mild crowding. Being the geek that... READ MORE

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