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Does the Invisalign Clincheck Video Cost Extra or Does It Come with Treatment?

Where the people said their Clincheck wasn't shown to them when they first received their Invisalign, but that the dentist said they would show it to... READ MORE

Does Refinements Give You a Better Result?

Im wondering do refinements correct your teeth to reach the same result your initial clincheck shows you if your teeth dont turn out the same result... READ MORE

Why So Many Attachments on my Teeth (Invisalign Treatment)? (photo)

Why do I need so many attachments on my teeth? I've just received the ClinCheck and I am quite disappointed ...I do not know what to do. On the one... READ MORE

Invisalign and Black Triangles? (photo)

After watching the clincheck video and beginning my treatment about a week ago I become worried about the animation that shows my top teeth will be... READ MORE

Is a Dentist Prevented from Giving a Patient Access to Their Clincheck Due to Licensing Issues with Invisalign?

If a dentist won't give a patient access to the Clincheck video outside of their office, would there be a valid reason for this? It seems many... READ MORE

Invisalign, Upper lateral incisors Will Become Shorter at the Final Tray in my Clincheck?

HI,i'm an invisalign patient and i noticed that at the final clincheck both of my later upper incisor are becoming shorter comparing to to the frontal... READ MORE

How does Invisalign estimate where a midline should be, and can it get it wrong and mess up your teeth? (photos)

Clincheck shows my right upper molar much further back in my mouth than my left upper molar (picture attached). If those molars are actually closer to... READ MORE

My Clincheck shows a black triangle. Should I be worried? (Photo)

I'm currently on the first tray of my Invisalign treatment. I asked to approve my Clincheck before the trays were made, but the tech never told my... READ MORE

Has anyone developed gaps that they did not have during treatment and do they close up ? Is the clincheck accurate? (photo)

I started Invisalign in Sept., I am at my tenth set and eight more to go. I Am angry because I have developed gaps on my front teeth. Staff member... READ MORE

Clincheck- how can you get your clincheck video sent to you to view from home?

Do you need a certain type of program? My dentist has sent it to me but I can't view it in my laptop on iPhone? READ MORE

Can aligners be remade after clincheck is accepted?

I received my first aligner today but it doesn't cover my back upper left molar. After looking again at my clin-check I'm now realising that the tooth... READ MORE

Can I change my Invisalign end goal after I already started?

According to ClinCheck, my overbite and slight crowding will be fixed with IPR, & the teeth will be pulled back, but also up, with my bottom teeth... READ MORE

Gaps I never had for final set and part of the clincheck. I'm so angry

Final set of invisilign, clincheck was given to me upon my request three months after treatment . If I knew the orthodontist was going to mold my... READ MORE

Can patients monitor their ClinCheck to see gradual progress, tray by tray, without being at the dentist's office?

Hello, I would like to monitor my ClinCheck so that I can see my progress tray by tray. Is this possible? I requested my ClinCheck and was sent a... READ MORE

How should I treat this case with Invisalign? What are the clincheck stages for treating this case? (Photo)

I tried to simulate on Clincheck the upper molars intrusion in order to close the anterior open bite but I am not sure if the mandible vertical jump... READ MORE

Finishing last refinement tray and front teeth hitting despite a plan and and ClinCheck to make between them.

I got invisalign to give me room between my upper and lower front teeth. At the end of initial treatment my bottom and top front teeth were hitting. A... READ MORE

My Clincheck says 48 trays although the packaging that my Invisalign trays come in only says 34, who's correct?

On the clincheck there still seems to be quiet a bit of movement between tray 34 to 48- is the clincheck correct or my packaging . I am on tray 17 and... READ MORE

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