Chipped Tooth + Invisalign

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Problem with Chipping After Invisalign, is this Normal?

We are having a problem with chipped tooth on top and wear/exposre of dentin on the bottme teeth after the invisalign correction. The trays were worn... READ MORE

Did my dentist do botched my IPR job? (photos)

Please see pictures for specifics. In your opinion, did my dentist do IPR too early in my treatment (ie. didn't wait until the contact points were... READ MORE

Can Invisalign hide the chipped teeth 8,9,10 in the photo? Is Invisalign ok for light nightly grinders/clenchers? (Photo)

Also, can Invisalign be ok for patients with pre-molar crowns? I heard that Invisalign can dislodge crowns or result in cracks in teeth. My front... READ MORE

Tooth Eruption on #9/Orthodontic Invisalign? (photo)

When I was 10 I chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth and the dentist shaved it to make it even. It seems to have erupted since then. It is 1mm... READ MORE

Do I have Orthodontist make my 2 Chipped Teeth Longer to avoid Bonding and polish away the chips?

Hi,I've had Invisalign for 1 1/2 years and am almost finished, it will be my choice.  All my teeth are now straight BUT two have been chipped for... READ MORE

How are craze lines on teeth fixed?

I think my dentist damaged one tooth when I got Invisalign attachments and she used the drill to remove extra composite that was all over my mouth... READ MORE

Unhappy with Invisalign, is there anyway I can reverse and go back to how my teeth were before?

Very concerned and regretting the decision to start the Invisalign process. I'm about 6 months into the 18 months of treatment. My teeth are loose... READ MORE

Will Invisalign work on crowns with metal dental post and core buildup?

I'm currently on my first Invisalign tray. 3 years ago, I fell and badly chipped one of my upper incisors. That tooth ended up needing a root canal,... READ MORE

can I get chipped tooth fixed before having Invisalign retainers made?

I am coming to the end of my Invisalign treatment. Prior to starting treatment I had a chip in one of my top front teeth. Now that my teeth have been... READ MORE

I have bad teeth overall but I need advise on which precedures to prioritize. Where do I begin? (Photo)

I havent been going to the dentist out of embarrassment and due to lack of financial reaources. Now I am certain I have to take some actions because a... READ MORE

Invisalign - one tooth shorter! (Photo)

I have a few weeks to go to finish my Invisalign. During one visit my dentist aligned my lower teeth from the sides and I believe a little from the... READ MORE

Will the Invisalign work on bonded teeth?

I need some opinions. I have a gap in between my two front teeth and I'm considering getting invisalign. I chipped both of my front teeth as a child... READ MORE

Close gap and align teeth: Will Invisalign or Clear path work for me and close my gap? (photo)

I have a frenulum between my front teeth, I have always had a gap about 1.5mm. I fell of a bicycle when I was 10 years old and chipped both front... READ MORE

What is the best option to fix my teeth? (photos)

I had braces on for a year and a half. I got an invisaline for a retainer and wore it for a year then my teeth started shifting up and my retainer... READ MORE

Can Invisalign help me correct my deep bite?

I am 25 years old and suffer from deep bite. My mother has the same problem and she is already facing a lot of problems and had caps and artificial... READ MORE

Can the buttons cause chipping of teeth?

My attachments hit funny. While eating, after having removed the trays, I feel like I have scraped my bottom tooth from the irregular bite.  Thx! READ MORE

Can I get invisalign with periodontal disease and missing chipped teeth?

I have several chipped molars should i get them pulled first because most are really dark inside and some are chipped to gum line i believe they are... READ MORE

Invisalign - Tooth Chip?

I started my 3rd set of Invisalign trays on Tuesday, when I also got "buttons" put on some teeth. This afternoon I had my tray out to eat and noticed... READ MORE

Invisalign button to lengthen a chipped tooth VS Bonding it? (photo)

I have two refinements left with Invisaligne. In the photo you can see the two chipped teeth that bother me most. The 1st chipped tooth is my BOTTOM... READ MORE

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