Tooth Eruption on #9/Orthodontic Invisalign? (photo)

When I was 10 I chipped a tiny piece of my front tooth and the dentist shaved it to make it even. It seems to have erupted since then. It is 1mm longer that #8.Back then I did not have braces.After I got braces on around age(13-16)I noticed the eruption on #9.I have attached some pictures of my current smile.I noticed that teeth 9 &10 seem to be pushed outward a bit.Can the orthodontist fix this with invisalign and also shave tooth number 9 to be even with number 8.Will it stay even this time?

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Tooth Eruption #9 and Invisalign

Invisalign should be able to move your teeth back slightly. The dentist can then Cosmetically Contour as necessary. With proper orthodontin retention afterwards, the teeth should stay put. Remember, everyone's teeth move slightly over time. Unless you have permanent fixation, yours will probably move again too.

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