How are craze lines on teeth fixed?

I think my dentist damaged one tooth when I got Invisalign attachments and she used the drill to remove extra composite that was all over my mouth after placing them with the tray. I've had one tooth chipped and with a craze line (white, vertical and quite translucent line) that day. It's not really that noticeable but I'm beyond frustrated. Any restoration that is NOT a veneer can be done? Was it caused by the drill? Thank you in advance.

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Crazed lines are common

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The most common treatment is NO treatment.  These lines are signs of normal wear and tear, and thermal changes.  Imagine hot coffee followed by ice cream.  The rapid temperature change can cause internal cracks.  They may do nothing at all, so treatment is usually not indicated.  I highly doubt the drill did it, especially since composite removal/polish is common.

It is likely that the lines were there already, you just weren't looking with much scrutiny before.

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