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Should Teeth be Shaven and Bonded Before or After Invisalign?

Looked healthy before. I wanted to remove 1 bottom veneer (illusion of straight teeth.) Front teeth bunched over 2 side teeth. Extract problem back... READ MORE

How Does Invisalign Work on Teeth with Bonding?

I have a gap between my two front teeth. Seven years ago I had some bonding applied to close the gap. Well, the gap widened again, so now I have a gap... READ MORE

Can Bonding Be Done to Close Space Between Canine and Premolar?

I am currently receiving Invisalign, however my final plan leaves me with a space (about 3mm) between my lower canine & premolar. Would bonding be... READ MORE

Invisalign Bonding Agent Covering Whole Tooth, Is This Ok?

I just got my Invisalign yesterday. I have some gumline recession on a few of my teeth, and attachments were required on some of those teeth. The... READ MORE

Should I get Steel, Clear or Invisalign? (Photos)

Hey all, I have had invisalign for 3 years. However the results are not as I had hoped. As you can tell from the photos the 3 teeth from your left are... READ MORE

Can I reverse teeth moved up with Invisalign and move them back down where they used to be with Invisalign again? (photo)

I've completed the 5th and final tray of my Invisalign treatment, and I'm regretting having my two front teeth pushed up a millimeter. It was my... READ MORE

Removing composite veneers?

I have two composite veneers placed on my front teeth due to moderate crowding. I didn't want to do any orthodontic treatment at that moment, but I've... READ MORE

Is Invisalign safe to use with bonded tooth?

I completely broke off half of my incisor a year ago. My dentist then added some compound to make the tooth "whole" again. In other words, one of my... READ MORE

Do I have Orthodontist make my 2 Chipped Teeth Longer to avoid Bonding and polish away the chips?

Hi,I've had Invisalign for 1 1/2 years and am almost finished, it will be my choice.  All my teeth are now straight BUT two have been chipped for... READ MORE

Should I use Invisalign or dental bonding to close the gap between my front teeth?

I understand that with invisalign I will have to wear a retainer as long as I want to keep the gap closed, while bonding may have to be replaced but I... READ MORE

Can i do Invisalign for extraction gaps close to 3 mm? (photos)

8 years ago my mom got me metal braces from a dentist who extracted four of my teeth behind the canines. I didn't wear my retainer for too long and... READ MORE

Can the bonding glue from attaching Invisalign buttons to a crown permanently change the original color of the crown?

I got Invisalign a few months ago and I was very specific with the doctor that I had a porcelain crown on my front left tooth. I'm super cautious of... READ MORE

Is there further cosmetic procedure (bonding, recontouring) that can help perfect my smile after Invisalign? (Photo)

I'm at end of Invisalign treatment. I had some questions regarding trying to perfect smile. I feel teeth #6 and #11 have an elongated appearance,... READ MORE

Upper tray rejected by Invisalign

Finished Invislign so I got bonding done n fitted for my retainer on 1/4/16 They doctor told me it would take 2 weeks for the retainer to come in. On... READ MORE

Will the Invisalign work on bonded teeth?

I need some opinions. I have a gap in between my two front teeth and I'm considering getting invisalign. I chipped both of my front teeth as a child... READ MORE

Extrude a tooth with Invisalign? (Photo)

I just finished my Invisalign treatment (~7 months) and my teeth apparently pushed one of my lower teeth down about 2/3mm (as shown in the pictures... READ MORE

Tooth filing, gum contouring, bonding? I feel like my teeth are higher on one side. (photo)

I should be almost done with my Invisalign treatment, but i feel like my teeth are higher on one side... Is there anything that could fix that? READ MORE

Should I get refinement tray? Would bonding help? (Photos)

Hello, I am almost done with my Invisalign treatment. I am on my second to last tray and my treatment will be complete December 30. I currently moved... READ MORE

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