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Dissolving Restylane - How Long to Wait to Get Hyaluronidase Injections?

One month ago I had Restylane injections to improve my tear trough and cheek area, and now I'm wondering if I can get rid of them and how long would I... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Dissolve Normal Tissue in the Face?

I had Restylane Filler injected 4 Month Ago in my Tear Trough Area.I wanted to remove it because it didn't look Good.I went to another Doctor to... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Remove the Original Collagen in the Under Eye Area if Used to Dissolve Juverderm?

Is Hyaluronidase the only substance that can dissolve Juverderm? Was advised by a doctor that if they remove the Juverderm it will remove 80% original... READ MORE

How Can a Dent Under Eye After an Overcorrection of Hyaluronidase Be Treated?

3 weeks ago an MD injected my eyes with hyaluronidase(I wantedYAG 1064). He used too much, now I have a deep dent under 1 eye. The next week he... READ MORE

Can Hyaluronidase Be Used Incrementally to Avoid Dissolving All of the Juvederm?

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs over a month ago which caused major swelling and the Tyndall effect. Is there any way only some of the... READ MORE

Will my Face Ever Recover..hyalurondaise? (photo)

I had juvy and restylane injected under my tear trough area to get rid of shadows which left me with bags. My doctor suggested hyalurondaise to... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase to dissolve juvederm - how long will it take to see result?

How fast can I see result after I use hyuronidase to dissolove juvederm at the tear trough area? I saw a video on youtube, the doctor who injected... READ MORE

Should I Have More Hyaluronidase?

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs last August and my right eye reacted very badly. I had severe bruising and swelling for 6 weeks and when... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Natural Hyaluronic Acid to Regrow Post Hyaluronidase Injections?

I had Juvederm placed into my hollow tear troughs but was unhappy with the results. Two weeks later I requested Hyaluronidase injections. Now my tear... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Always Work?

Hi I had a nurse friend inject a generic HA dermal filler from china under one of my tear troughs. I had a bad reaction hot red and was put on... READ MORE

How Far Can Hyaluronidase Travel from Injection Site?

I had Vitrase injected to dissolve Juvederm in the tear trough, temple and malar region. Since then I have been having horrible problems. Eyes are... READ MORE

I need help my under eyes destroyed by repeated hyaluronidase under eyes. Anybody out there please help me!

I had filler in tear trough summer 2013. I was suffering from untreated bipolar disorder and was manic at the time. I felt it looked bad and went to... READ MORE

What to do after Hyaluronidase to remove filler under eyes?

Had three rounds of Hyaluronidase to dissolve Volbella wich caused puffy lids. All filler went away. I now look worse than before. Skin was stretched... READ MORE

After the hyaluronidase, how long will it take for my normal appearance to return? (Photos)

I´m 8th day after the hyaluronidase tears trough area end looks damaged and told me she will do mi co2 resufing laser ... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase to correct my tear trough area and now I have a large indent. Will this go away? (Photo)

I had Hyaluronidase to correct my tear trough area and now have a large intent. I got it injected today. Will this go away? READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hyaluronidase & Fillers? (photos)

I have had 3 seperate injections into the tear trough area and now one of my eyes has a dark circle with a little puffiness and more wrinkles that I... READ MORE

Help finding a dr who is experienced with hyaluronidase and tear through restylane injections in NYC?

Ever since i left san Diego i am having a hard time finding a dr who does restylane well under the eyes (i did it for years). one did juvederm and it... READ MORE

Should Hyaluronidase be injected under the eye? I had a teyosal injection on the tear trough. (photo)

Which caused a nodule or a hard small ball and made my vein look more prominent,i don't know if the injection touched the vein or not,according to him... READ MORE

Would Using Hydronaise to Diminish a Lump from an HA Filler Also Cause It to Eradicate the Nat'l HA That is in the Skin As Well?

I am wondering if using this injection to break down a poorly injected hydrolonic acid filler in my troughs would also cause it to break down my... READ MORE

Had Hyaluronidase to correct bags under right tear trough caused by Perlane. The eye is now worse, should I remove all fillers?

After perlane, I was left with a pretty good result in the left TT but fluid retention on the right which created mini bags and a dent. So we go for... READ MORE

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