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Swollen and Baggy After Numerous Hyalase Injections Under Both Eyes

I had Juvederm injected by an Eyelid PS to treat lower eyelid hollowness. It migrated & started to cause puffiness and swelling. It attracted too... READ MORE

How Long After Hyaluronidase Can You Have More Juvederm Injections?

I had juvederm injections 3 1/2 weeks ago and one side is uneven which I am being told is swelling but I'm certain its not swelling and is product... READ MORE

Does Hyaluronidase Cause Swelling?

I need to get rid of the huge bottom lip created with Juvederm. I just want to know if I use the hyaluronidase to get rid of it, will it be just as... READ MORE

Should I Have More Hyaluronidase?

I had Juvederm injected in my tear troughs last August and my right eye reacted very badly. I had severe bruising and swelling for 6 weeks and when... READ MORE

What Can Be Done for Very Bad Reaction to Hyaluronic Acid Which is Not an Infection? (photo)

Huge lumps on face culture 2 times sterile drained every 24hrs every day pain swelling at injection site on antibiotics nothing helping Im scared... READ MORE

Had Under Eye Filler Swelling? (photo)

I had under eye filorga filler injected 2 weeks ago but it caused swelling which still was there after 2 weeks so I went back to see the doctor... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Swelling and Eye Damage?

I had hyaluronidase injected approx. 2 months ago to dissolve Juvederm under the eyes, tear trough and malar region. The doctor used a very, very... READ MORE

Had Fillers Dissolved but Every Now and Again my Eyes Will Swell That Makes It Look Like the Filler is Still There?

I had my under eye fillers dissolved about a week ago and normally my eyes look great with no swelling but twice now on different occasions I have... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Swelling After Hyaluronidase Injection to Disappear?

I had under eye filorga filler injections 2 weeks ago and this caused too much swelling which did not disappear after 2 weeks,so I went back to my... READ MORE

Still Have Swelling 15 Days After Hyaluronidase?

I had my last round of hyaluronidase to dissolve Restylane under eyes 15 days ago, and still have some swelling. How long can I expect to be swollen?... READ MORE

Will Hyaluronidase Help 6 Weeks After Juvederm Injection in Glabella?

I have decided to get hyaloronidase into the glabella as i still have a burning sensation and prominant headache in the front of my head.Would this be... READ MORE

Does injecting Hylauronidase enzyme have any side effects?

I had done 1ml juvederm filler on my nose , it's been 3 week , the swelling is gone I dnt feel any pain. The problem is I dislike the result and... READ MORE

Large Dent Under Right Eye Following Hyaluronidase Injection, How To Resolve?

Please help, i had very puffy eyes following filler so had hyaluronidase injected to remove it. this caused dents, so had more filler, this again... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Swelling?

I had Hyaluronidase injected to my chin a week ago; a quarter size swelling is still present. After a night sleep, the swelling is larger and my face... READ MORE

My lips are swelling after hyaluronic acid lip injection. Will it go away? (Photo)

I has my lips injected yesterday we teosyal ultra deep (hyaluronic acid). I love the results but the next day I woke up and the upper lip seems to... READ MORE

What are the side effects of hyaluronidaise? I am having severe intermittent swelling in injected area! (photos)

I have had a number HA fillers injected to my cheeks over the past 2 yrs. My Dr injecting my cheeks with hyaluronidaise 6 wks ago and 1 wk ago. Since... READ MORE

Under Eye Swelling After Hyaluronidase

I had bags under my eyes so I had Juvederm. I wasn't happy so I had it dissolved with Hyaluronidase. But now it's been a week since the Hyaluronidase... READ MORE

How Long for Swollen Eye Bags to Go Down After Hyaluronidase?

I have had several rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve Restylane under eyes. My last round of injections was 5 days ago and I still have mushy bags on... READ MORE

Had Hyaluronidase to correct bags under right tear trough caused by Perlane. The eye is now worse, should I remove all fillers?

After perlane, I was left with a pretty good result in the left TT but fluid retention on the right which created mini bags and a dent. So we go for... READ MORE

Do I need more hyaluronidase? (photos)

I went to a highly qualified plastic surgeon 5 wks ago for bletheroplasty for a saggy upper lid. He injected some juvederm filler under eyes to... READ MORE

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