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Had Fillers Dissolved but Every Now and Again my Eyes Will Swell That Makes It Look Like the Filler is Still There?

I had my under eye fillers dissolved about a week ago and normally my eyes look great with no swelling but twice now on different occasions I have... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Under Eyes? Please Help- Thank You!

I have had a rough 6 months after having restylane injected under eyes (dissolved, then ulthera, then restylane reinjected, fractional co2, vein... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase Swelling?

I had Hyaluronidase injected to my chin a week ago; a quarter size swelling is still present. After a night sleep, the swelling is larger and my face... READ MORE

Lip swollen for almost a week after Hyaluronidase! Is this normal?

I've had juvederm in My upper lip , 3 weeks later i still had a lump that ruined my smile, so i went back to my doctor and he disolved it i guess with... READ MORE

Can I have hyaluronidase injection right away after Restylane under eyes?

I did restylane under my eyes last week and my doctor injected too much on my left side. She injected Hyaluronidase right away after my restylane... READ MORE

After the hyaluronidase, how long will it take for my normal appearance to return? (Photos)

I´m 8th day after the hyaluronidase tears trough area end nose-label..skin looks damaged and saggy.doctor told me she will do mi co2 resufing laser ... READ MORE

Hyaluronadaise Dissolved 5 days ago in lips, lips now full again? (Photo)

Hi I had lumps in my lip dissolved 5 days ago. As you can see by the first picture my lips where shrivelled up and quite small afterwards and every... READ MORE

I had Hyaluronidase 8 days ago. It seemed to work for a few days but today Voluma is back in the same spots I dissolved

I had voluma dissolved 8 days ago. within three days i looked better and my contours were returning . then today, at 8 days after injection all the... READ MORE

6 days post Hyaluronidase to dissolve Juvederm Ultra XC Plus, when will I see the effects?

Hey, i had Hyaluronidase six days ago to dissolve Juvederm Ultra xc plus . My phitrum and upper lipline are totally overfilled, so far I don't have... READ MORE

How Long for Swollen Eye Bags to Go Down After Hyaluronidase?

I have had several rounds of hyaluronidase to dissolve Restylane under eyes. My last round of injections was 5 days ago and I still have mushy bags on... READ MORE

Is X-HA3 Permanent?

I had cheek implants done five years ago. However, the one on the right came out lower and larger. I recently lost a lot of weight, and this asymmetry... READ MORE

Why does swelling/Voluma overfill come back a week after Hyaluronidase injection?

Got several hyaluronidase rounds for voluma. everytime i get a little swollen the first two days, then it all goes away and i look better for around... READ MORE

Hyaluronidase injections. Has it all gone?

One lot of injections were given 5 days ago and I still have slight puffiness under my eyes. Is this the juvaderm or just a bit of fluid. When I press... READ MORE

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